Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Babies, schedules and sleep

OK, so now that I've had 4 kids I can honestly say that there are lots of types of kiddies in this world.  I only know of but there are some similarities and some differences to all of them.  With my fourth and final little bundle of joy, I have learned so much about myself and them and who I want to be as a person, friend, parent and wife.  I honestly have to say that Franny Girl was a God given gift to me.  She lights up my world right now and she has opened my eyes to life!!  And so, here is a brief history of my kids:)

DJ- oh we like to say just how very special this child is.  He has always been a bit 'cranky' at times and he was not one of those babies that liked to sleep.  As first time Mom with him, I let him lead and let him use me as his 'pacifier'.  Yup... I finally got wise to the scam and cut him off after I couldn't keep up with him while at work...but he also wasn't very big on getting himself to sleep.  And so, when he was about 10 months old (hubby was away) I basically let him 'cry it out'.  And it worked...but Wow was it hard to do.  I had no one else to worry about and hubby was away so he wasn't being disturbed either.  Since that week, he has slept in his bed like a charm.  He still has his moments outside of sleeping, but what 8 yr old boy doesn't, right??  I struggle with being embarrassed by his attitudes and competitiveness and what-not.  And, I realize that I try hard with him and that's all I can do.  People can sometimes judge you b/c of your kids and I need to know that true friends won't... I still can't believe that someone else would drop their kid/baby off with me b/c of the way my son behaves sometimes but am learning that there are those out there that really don't judge you b/c of your child and their behavior!!  The two of us are a work in progress and we are continuously learning how to get along.


Kyra- Now, she was a sleeper...loved her sleep and still does.  She came home from the hospital sleeping 6 hours at night and was sleeping through the night within 4-6 weeks.  And boy, did I force that binky into her mouth like it was nobody's business b/c there was no way I was going to let her become too attached to my boob!!  She is special in her own way too.  She is my little fashion diva and can sometimes (ok. most of the time) think the world revolves around her and her wants.  Not her needs...nope...her WANTS!!!  Sometimes I feel like I need to 'put her in her place' if you know what I mean.  And sometimes I think that I just need to stop and do girly stuff with her.  She is always looking for attention and is a bit of a personal space hog.  She has this 'claustrophobic' personality and I fear that she will push many potential friends away b/c she is just too much in you face.  So, my challenge with her right now is to try and teach her how to back off a little and how to be a friend.  Wish me luck with that:)

Max- he came out of the womb in his own time (very quickly) and had his own agenda.  He sucked his thumb early on and started playing with his belly button to relax and sleep (still does...though, now he sucks his thumb and plays with his boobs).  He, too, was this amazing sleeper and I just followed his lead.  He never cried it out and I always just put him in his crib when he was tired.  And, he just knew how to comfort himself and get himself to sleep.  He, too, is very special in his own unique way.  He will talk your ear off and will listen to everything  you say.  He is the biggest repeater and just wants to be with his big bro/sis these days.  His vocabulary is amazing and his feelings are always at the tip of exposure. He also had a very big temper when he couldn't speak...he is very insistent on how the world is (even when he's wrong...but don't tell him that) and he is very curious.  He will say it like it is and will always make you laugh.  Now, if only he would potty train The kid is a pisser and will have you laughing 'til you cry!!  He should still be napping but isn' we do quiet time...and we are starting a slightly earlier bedtime.  He fights going up to be but as soon as he's there, he is out like a long as he didn't have a nap that is.  

And that brings us to Franny Girl- she is the toughest one I've got and I really never knew what it was like to have one liker her.  Schedule you say...yeah right!!  She is totally not scheduled and I totally don't know where or when she will sleep.  Right now (after 4 nights sleeping in the crib all night) she is asleep on the floor.  She slept for about an hour this morning and fought sleep for the rest of the day...and so, she did not want to fall asleep and once she did she couldn't stay like that.  Boo!!  Perhaps it b/c I am in a different point of my life that I'm more ok with it than I was with any of the others.  Or perhaps it's b/c I really am a 'child led' parent and just go with the flow with them.  Or, she just doesn't like to sleep and I'm more tolerant b/c I'm here with her all the time and when I look at her and she looks back I am truly in love with this baby that she can do no wrong???  Who knows...but I do think that she was put on the this earth to be my final blessing and to teach me!!  Yes, b/c of her I have started to really figure out ME!!  And, b/c of her I am starting to get a feel for how my brother and his girlfriend lived with their daughter.  I could never understand how they couldn't have my niece in her crib yet and how they could possibly still be sleeping with her in their bed.  And I never really understood the whole 'family' bed.  I wish I could just plop her down in bed with me though...and all my babies slept in bed with me...but they were all in their crib by mow.  Franny is just so different.  Someone told me the other night that I just need to stick her in a crib and move that crib into another room in the house where no one would hear her cry.  I've done that before and I agree that sometimes you just need to do that.  BUT, I'm not so sure it will work with her.  B/c, you see, I've tried putting her in the crib and walking away.  And, I just had to do it the next day just to reassure myself that I am a good mom and I know what I'm doing,you know??  I put her in the crib and walked away.   And boy did she cry.  Not quiet or calm crying either.  Full blown out hysterical crying to the point where she was about to make herself sick crying.  I couldn't let her cry anymore and so I got her (she was up there for like 30 minutes without an end in sight).  But, I am a much calmer mom and a more tolerant one and so I am ok with her not sleeping naps in her crib and not knowing where she's gonna wind up at night.  And, I'm definitely not (or wasn't) going to start this huge sleep regime when I knew we were leaving for Ireland soon!!  Oh, and my schedule is never the same from day to I guess it's a good thing that she can just go with the flow, right??  And her personality is totally starting to shine through and I just LOVE it!!!

And so, I guess the point of this is to say that every kid is different and every kid has different needs!!  How boring would life be if they were all the same, right??  Ha ha...though sometimes I wish they

Good hubby for the day- he got the kids ready for school today and let me sleep until 7:30...yeah!!

What makes me happy- taking walks with my kiddies...

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