Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to tell if you have a Chub-a-Lub Cutie Baby

All of my kids have been little chunky monkeys as babies and I absolutely LOVE it!!  And so, I thought I would share a couple things you might want to look out for if your child is also a cute little Chub-a-lub, Pork Chop, Fatty Patatty, Chunky MOnkey (whatever you call it)   This is told through photos today and I hope you enjoy it!!

1.The ever present fuzz lining under the neck folds (this may also appear in the rolls on wrists and thighs)
2. Ummm, just look at those thighs and 'milk' belly...
3. Every shirt automatically becomes a BELLY shirt... stick to the onesies (oh, and shorts tend to be eaten by thighs)
4. Double Chin
5. Baby Boobies and another 'milk' belly
6. A nice round head that needs continuous support...
7. Stay Puff Marshmallow Man Arms...  look at all those rolls (and the baby boobies...he he he)
8. You have to put a girdle on them just to zip the dress and you don't ever put the dress back on them b/c they couldn't breathe in it... (note how tight this dress is across the chest)
9. Oh, My, are those double cheeks and double chins??  ha ha... she's so fat she can't go no where...
10. Falls asleep after every meal... yup, they eat A LOT and tend to fall asleep while eating... ha ha ha

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  1. LOL I still LOL at that pick with her black shirt on...your kids are so cute...and so funny how skinny they grow up to be! See ya soon!