Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, September 25, 2011

When life hands you crumbs, make a parfait!!

Literally...that's what I did:)  My apply bundt cakes were not cooperating last night and they were all just falling apart coming out of the pans...I probably rushed them a bit b/c it was so late into the night...but, alas, I made it work!  And it certainly worked out well I think:)  I put a layer of the crumbs on the bottom, topped with a caramel cream cheese frosting and drizzled with some chocolate ganache!!

Another dessert I had concocted for the night (it was official Mom's Night In at my house tonight)
I found this 'candy corn' look alike mousse dessert at Glorious Treats.  Of course, hers looks better but that doesn't matter b/c it tasted Great!!!  I added some chocolate chips on the bottom for added flavor:)

I also make a warm apple cider drink with some rum and stuff in it!!  Yeah, that was AWESOME too.

On another note- Mom's Night In was a big huge flop as far as people (mom's) not coming.  Let's just say I was pretty bummed and disappointed that pretty much EVERYONE cancelled within an hour or two of the evening starting.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to organize your hubby taking all 4 of your kids out of the house for an extended period of time??  On top of that, there's the 'house' preparations, the food you've already made and the delicious drink brewing in the crock pot.  Had I known a little earlier, perhaps I wouldn't have made so much, you know.  But, on the bright side, I was able to eat several of my little goat cheese/steak appies, a lot of yummy warm chicken dip, and I didn't have to worry about the wine and sharing it with too many people!!!  AND, we decided on watching a movie (great movie: Bridesmaids...loved it).  And so, still had a good time and glad my good friend and her Mom were still able to come!!  Peaceful, good food, funny movie, great conversation and some 'Mommy' drinks!!

Hope everyone had a good night!!


  1. I truly am sorry I was one of those people. However - I think we all know that I am not lucky enough to have the help you guys do at home. Also - I have seen first hand what it can do when a parent puts a social life first and was not going down that road again. I will make it up to you. Also - my kids don't understand "mommy time" no matter how far in advance and Jules had planned this puppet show all day - not knowing I had plans. Had I left here last night - I would not have enjoyed myself. I know I need to learn to put myself first...but for now I enjoy hanging with my kids....Again - I am so sorry to be rude - but since it was a "moms" night - I would hope you understand....and I TOTALLY get that you had to vent. Hey at least now your house will be clean for the week!!! ;)