Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Atrocious at Last... the 3's have Hit Full Force!!

I'm so excited to tell you all about my precious little devil whose name is Maximo.  He recently turned 3 in July and all the angelic tendencies have officially left his little body.  Seriously!!

The only time I am not frustrated with him these days is when he is 'resting' on the couch with his thumb in his mouth and his other hand up his shirt playing with the nipples.

We always hear about the Terrible Two's and how awful that stage is...but let me tell you, the 3's can kick the 2's butt!!  You go through 2's and think, hey, this isn't so bad...what is all the fuss about??  My kid isn't anything close to terrible.  That's the first mistake we all know, the false sense of security???  Just be aware that one day you will wake up to find your little angel has grown horns and you may as well call them your little Devil Spawn Child...

Now, you can also tell how Horrific your 3'er will be by how they were as an infant.  Max was (and still is) a very sensitive child.  I also think that he is above and beyond on the 'intelligence' scale and therefore was more prone to those temper tantrums when he was unable to communicate with me.  He is the child that I think would have benefitted from learning sign language (instead, he got frustrated and threw himself down on the ground, kicked his feet and cried).  Now, of course we ignored these tantrums and just walked right over him, but it didn't make it any easier to deal with.  And now, those horns have sprouted all the way out of his head and he can communicate with us.  He also is starting to understand right from wrong and is figuring out how far he can go.

Yes, he also pushes the limits a lot further then the older 2...much much farther!!  He even gets in trouble when he's supposed to be sitting in TimeOuts...though, I think these dam t/o's are not gonna work with Max!!  He was put to bed at 7:15 tonight b/c he threw a car at DJ's face and I just didn't think another time-out was gonna work.

Here are the things he has started to do on a more regular basis:

  1. Hits - he can beat up DJ  (good for DJ for not hitting him back...but, he just sits there and takes it) ...oh, and making him clap his hands every time he uses his hands inappropriately just isn't happening either... yeah, Max, please don't hit DJ, why don't you clap your hands and say Yeah every time you get frustrated with him b/c I know he's antagonizing you in the first place... ha ha ha
  2. Throws things at your face - again, DJ gets the most objects hurled at his face... poor DJ
  3. Screams - you'd think that b/c he can speak now and understand, that he would've started to use those words...but nope, these screams have gotten higher in pitch (is that even possible) and more regular
  4. Uses objects in ways they are not meant to be used.  For example, he used the drum sticks on Franny Girls head instead of on the actual drum.  Or, he tries to 'sweep' the walls instead of the floor... or he used the croquette sticks as 'walking' sticks.  
  5. Doesn't follow directions - ha ha ha... it begins and I know the lack of following directions doesn't get any better
  6. Pushes - particular Franny Girl these days
  7. Bites - geez, at 3 he has to start this??  though, I think it's b/c Franny went through a biting phase and he was trying to be like her
  8. Stopped sharing, taking turns and cleaning up  -  yup all that hard work just goes down the drain and you wonder why you worked so hard to try and teach them these things while they are 2 b/c they forget it all once the 3's hit
  9. Drawing on my walls...yes, he will draw with whatever he can find (most recently the permanent marker we used to labeling school supplies...see pic above)
  10. Pulling couch cushions off the couch and jumping on the couch (w/o the cushions) and also jumping on top of the cushions while on the floor...oh, and he tries to do flips off the couch these days
  11. Standing on tables (I totally blame the older boy for this one)
  12. Repeats every single bad word you accidentally slip out of your mouth...and he knows that the Middle Finger is bad so he will keep putting it up and let you know that his middle finger is up
This year in his little life is one of BIG changes.  He can take things into his little brain, comprehend what it is, and react.  Or, he just reacts like everything is THE BIGGEST THING IN HIS LIFE!!  You know, when I tell him he can't go outside with hubby as hubby is just running the garbage out and will be right back.  Yeah, he doesn't understand that one and just drops into a major puddle onto the floor.  I think the Mop will be out a lot this year as we will be seeing Mr. Puddles curled up on the floor a lot more:(

And so, I will leave you with this last bit of wisdom:  Now matter how beastly, dreadful and God-awful your child becomes and now matter how crappy, inadequate and 'in the pits' you feel, please know that it is merely a rough stage you are both going through!!  Underneath that crusty layer of crud is the toddler you remember.  You will see the cracks start to build up and the layer will start to fade and you will occasionally see that sweet, feeling, kind, loving little angel you remember!!  But, it will be just a glimpse, so grab onto it and enjoy it while it's there b/c in a moment you will be trying to talk down Mr. Puddles:)

Oh, and if you hear the screams from across the store and you see a mom figure carry a kicking/screaming child out of the store, just remember that he's 3 and this is perfectly normal behavior!!!

Positive Hubby thought- today was the first time in a long time that he was sympathetic towards one of my 'injuries' ... I slept wrong and haven't been able to move my head all the way for the past week or so... but just having him acknowledge it it a big step..we usually ignore each others 'discomfort'

What (will) make me happy: for all this rain to just stop

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