Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

Today was the last day of freedom for the kiddies..LOL... tomorrow it's back to school.  Wow, this summer just went by sooooooo fast.  July definitely took forever but once August hit we had so much to do that it flew right on by.  If I didn't have so many pics of the stuff we did I wouldn't believe it!!

So, after cleaning up some left behind mess from our BBQ yesterday, we got started on getting ready for school.  Backpacks were washed, baths were had, last minute snacks were bought (though, forgot to buy half and half for my, supplies were labeled and packed in those nice clean and yummy smelling backpacks, summer book reports were packed, lunches were made, ice-cream was consumed, teeth brushed, waffle mix made, coffee machine set-up to go...and whew, we're READY!!  Now, I think I forgot fill out some paperwork but I guess that will have to go to school on the 2nd day...hey, at least I got their yearly physicals done and that paperwork back, right???  
going thru supplies and labeling them (see my wine in the middle of the table)
 Franny Girl pulled out all of my chocolates and the molds and the cookie cutters, etc while we packed
 New lunch bags... just needed a pic before they are broken in and/or destroyed:)
 Free ice-cream they earned from the library for reading this summer (finally got it for them)

Also worked on putting together our new 'bin' thingy I bought for all of their crap.  Hoping this helps with the clutter...perhaps???  This is it below...and yes, I put it together by myself:)
Now, just so you all don't think I'm this heartless can't wait to get rid of my kids kind of mom, I must tell you that school is definitely a bittersweet time.  I am ready for them to get out of the house and back into a routine but at the same time I really will miss them!!  I am thankful I still have my 2 littles home with me and so I know that I will have stuff to boring days around here.  But, I will miss having the big ones know, they got me stuff, threw out diapers, watched Franny so I could shower, brought me the phone, changed the laundry, cleaned bathrooms, took out the garbage, etc.  LOL   guess I'm gonna have to start training Max:)

To all the parents out there I wish you the following:
  1. A smooth morning (ha ha ha) ... is this an oxymoron???
  2. No Rain   (pretty please stop raining long enough for bus stop time)
  3. Eager kids who actually get out of bed and dressed and stuff
  4. Happy tears... especially those newbies who are letting go for the first time
  5. A great Mimosa once the bus leaves
  6. Hip and cool First Day Outfits (especially for all those little girls out there who pick out those clothes so painstakingly slow)
  7. No phone calls from the principal  (please please please don't call me...)
  8. A friend for each kid in their new classroom
  9. No scrapes or bumps or mud puddle mishaps while waiting for the bus  (hmmmm, maybe I should bring an extra hip outfit for these kids in case they fall in the puddles???  you should see my road, it could happen)
  10. Strength to let go, Hugs, Shoulders to lean on, Hands to hold and a Flask with your favorite liquor inside
OK...have a great morning:)

Good hubby thing:  today we worked as a team in getting stuff done...thanks babe

Thing that makes me happy: Pre-sharpened pencils  (thanks MOM)


  1. Happy first day of school.. Wow they are growing up way too fast... Love you guys!