Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, September 16, 2011

10 Years ago, Part 2... Then and Now

On this day, 10 years ago, I married the man I claimed to be madly in love with.  We were young and very much in love!!  And here we are 10 years later... and so, I thought now would be a great time to do a "Then and Now" comparison in our lives together... I hope you enjoy (along with some pics of our wedding day)



  1. Just entering into the marriage with a lot of love and a lot of naivety to life and marriage
  2. A "real" job with a "real" income
  3. A clean house
  4. Ability to drink all night, get up and go to work, repeat several times during the week and still feel refreshed
  5. A nice thin, svelte figure... ha ha... like 20 pounds lighter and stuff
  6. 4 Less Appendages
  7. Quiet Sunday Mornings
  8. Lots and Lots of SEX anytime and anywhere (in our house of course)
  9. Bathroom 'alone' time
  10. Social life with Hubby
  1. 10 years later we are hip to each others scams and know each others 'hot' buttons... lol... though we still love each other unconditionally, we are at a completely different level
  2. A "not-real" job of staying home with my children in which my "real" income consists of daily kisses, hugs, hates, items chucked at my head, bite/pinch marks, tears, laughter, meltdowns, time-outs, smiles, etc.
  3. A very cluttered and never clean home... please don't take your shoes off when you come in as I'd hate to send you home with dirty socks (must invent a 'guest' sock that can be worn to clean your floors as you go...give to all guests in home and you will have a super clean floor during your party... not before or after though)
  4. Ability to stay up late folding laundry, doing dishes, making lunches, babbling on Facebook, etc,  and proceed to get up early and continue going all day long... also may have several interruptions once your head hits the pillow (I often wonder why I even bother to sleep these days)...   NOTE- you will not be able to keep this up indefinitely and will always feel like you need to crash
  5. 20 or so additional pounds, bigger boobs, wider feet, stretch marks (I had very big babies), inches you'd rather not discuss, chin hairs, white hairs, yadda yadda yadda 
  6. No, they're not appendages, they're real live little beings... oy vay- we've got FOUR little creatures we've pro-created...What were we thinking??
  7. Never a dull moment... and never a quiet one... and if you are driving without anyone else in the car with you it feels eerily strange to not hear your name, some bickering and a little crying 
  8. Sex??  What the hell is  that again??  Oh, that's right, we did that to get those little things running around our house... and occasionally partake in some time during the middle of the night and barely remember it in the morning... ha ha ha
  9. No time alone in the bathroom...EVER...even if the door is locked...they somehow manage to open the door even when it's locked.  Not uncommon to be opening something, writing a note, combing someone's hair, putting on deodorant, etc while sitting on the bowl..
  10. Social life is based solely on those little 2 legged creatures we've made.  My life is so wrapped up in these people, that I often forget what hubby looks like until he walks up to me and actually has one or two of kiddies with him and I think, Wow, he looks vaguely familiar and then it hits me that it's hubby...

DJ's Baptism (1 kid in)
Kyra's Baptsim (2 kids in)
Max's Baptism (3 kids in)
DJ's Communion (forgot to do Franny's Baptism... see what happens when you have 4, you forget these things)

And so, I leave you with this good hubby thing of the day:  while I was at work today, hubby stopped by and left me some chocolates and a card in my car.  Now, this is probably the first card or 'little' thing he's done for me in quite a while...card made me laugh out loud and chocolate made me smile big!!

Things that make me happy:  today, hubby made me happy!!



  1. Way to go Dougie...Nice to go down memory lane.

  2. Beautiful! Here's to many, many, many, Many more.....<3