Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creepy Cruds, Party of 6 , Right this way...

Yup...I think the picture tells most of the story, right??  And as of right now, really only 5 out of 6 have been taken down by the wonderful, exciting, and never dull Stomach Bug!!  GROSS...

It all started Sunday morning just after hubby and big kids left for church... luckily, I made him take them this week as I had to sprint to the bathroom.  And as I sit there, Max banging on the door and Franny screaming in her high-chair, I honestly think it's just something I've eaten.  How naive, right??  I know we all ate something different for dinner, so why couldn't it have been that salad I had??  WHY I ask you, WHY???  Turns out, it was the beginning of the end...

Franny was next, Max went down 1.5 days later, Kyra followed and DJ came home today with a garbage full of vomit from the bus.  YUM!!

Hubby... well, we're still waiting on him to fall.  He always goes down harder than the rest of us!!  lol

This one was odd, though.  I NEVER get it first.  I'm always the one taking care of everyone else and try to do that whole mind over matter thing of 'I won't get sick, I won't get sick, I won't get sick' know??  And I have about a 50/50 outcome with that... sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.  So, odd that I went down for the count first.  Luckily, it paved the way for me to get better before the troops started falling, right??  And I have to say, hubby did come through with helping them through it and cleaning up his fair share of CRAP!!  You see, I whispered into all of their ears to make sure if they're going to get sick, make sure Mom is not home.  Or, make sure mom is otherwise occupied... ha ha..

The positive outlook of it all:
   -it really was a quick and dirty one... really only sick for like 1/2 day before you can sleep it off and gradually start to eat again.
   -weight loss jump start was tremendous (um, I lost 15 pounds ... unheard of... though, am pretty sure it's all coming back)
   -family bonding time... we get to spend some GREAT time with each other... really!!
   -I didn't have to watch Baby C... for like 3 days...
   -kids got to enjoy a 'campout' on the floor... really cool, right???
   -The toilet, sink, garbage can and floor have stayed totally clean... like the cleanest they've ever been..
   -Laundry is just getting into that machine as fast as I can do it and making it into the dryer for the next load.  though, I swear my washing machine is the next thing to go... it just doesn't fill like it used to:(

The negative outlook:
   -it's just GROSS... did I mention that yet??
   -Max was really starting to want to use the potty and this has taken us back a few steps
   -Franny was in her crib... all night... and well, this pretty much blew that right out of the water
   -No baby C = no income   ... gotta tighten the belt on the budget this week even further
   -Those diapers I just bought are gonna be gone in a flash:(
   -getting a family of 6 through this crud seems to take forever even though the actual virus is a quick one

Wow, looks like there are more positives than negatives here... how did that happen??

OK- gotta go b/c my Franny shift is coming up in 2 minutes.  If she wakes up from now 'til the morning, she's mine.

Wash your hands and sanitize!!


  1. praying hubby does not get it and its gone!

    1. He left for work this morning... wondering if he will be making a round trip or will last the day... I, too, am hoping he doesn't get it!!