Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do your kids....

You all know I have crazy kids, right??  And we all know they take after their dad, right??  lol...  Thought I'd see if maybe (maybe) your kids might do some of the same things mine do.. ha ha ha... ok, mine really don't do this stuff, but they might one day...

- Burp and Fart at the dinner table and think it's funny even though you've told them about a million times we don't do that...

- Randomly strip and drop their clothes all over the house

- Poop in the toilet and NEVER flush

- Laugh at the little ones when they start smearing yogurt on the table, their face, basically all over... instead of saying, No no, that's not what we do with yogurt..

- Lose their shoes on a daily basis... even though they have bins for their shoes to go in and you constantly telling them to put them in them.

- Expect you to wait on them hand and foot so that they are pretty much finished with their dinner by the time you get to sit down and eat your cold food

- Lose socks  (actually, I think mine eat their socks...but that's another story)

- Spill drinks... pretty much every night...

- Tell the little kids to do/say things they shouldn't be doing/saying so that the little ones get in trouble and they can laugh at them

- Use toys in ways they were not intended to be used

- Jump on the couch, pull off the couch cushions and jump on that part of the couch, jump from couch to said cushions on the floor, etc

- Run across couches in someone else's house during a party

- Put younger siblings in play vehicles and push them down the hill

- Drop dirty clothes about 1 inch in front of the dirty clothes basket

- Wipe their noses with their sleeves...even the big kids... I know, gross!!

Like I said, my kids are perfect little angels and they don't do ANY of this crap...  seriously!!!  And if you believe me, I've got a bridge to sell ya:)

Hope you're having a fabulous day.  And don't forget to let me know what your favorite blog post is:)



  1. Your children are very "special" and you should enjoy every moment of insanity with them. They are normal children and will know the value of family some day.... Not right now but some day..

  2. LOL!!! Oh yeah, my son will come out to me buck ass naked for no reason w/his clothes all over the living room floor. Or he'll take cushions from the couch, throw them on the floor, along w/the throw blankets, strip down if he's not already naked, and then "go swimming" in the cushions :D When he's done w/that, he'll just lean back in the cushions, get all comfy cozy, make sure his "package" is still there, and watch TV all while his hand is on the "package"..Think Al Bundy, but naked - LOL!!! Although he does sit like Al Bundy when his clothes are on, too!!!

    1. Max still strips down to nothing while he's sitting on the toilet... wonder if he'll still be doing this next year in kindergarten.. lol

  3. I thought all kids did that stuff ;)