Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wow...and Thank You!!

First of all, I just need to say how amazing I think you guys all are!!  Your support has been awesome and I truly couldn't be happier knowing that my moments of insanity have you voting your hearts away!!

I was dumbfounded but so excited when I discovered my blog was nominated for the Top 25 Blogs of NY for Circle of Moms.  And I continue to glow and be amazed every single day that you are all voting.  AND, not only voting, but passing it forward!!  This truly is awesome and wonderful.  So, THANK YOU!!

Now, could you vote again today if you haven't already voted... ha ha ha...  Here's the link to my personal profile... just click on the thumbs up to vote...(only 10 more days of voting):


- 3 out of 4 children's closets and drawers have been emptied, sorted and re-stocked back in their rooms.  Give-aways are also in big, black garbage bags waiting to be taken away or driven somewhere to drop off:) The worst is yet to come, though...  For such a small child, Franny sure did have A LOT of clothes!!  and tights and bathing suits and bathing cover-ups and jackets and sweaters, yadda yadda get the point... NOT looking forward to it:(  Do you see all this, I mean crap...oops, stuff???

1.The bins above the chalkboard are still full of last year's crap...  add it to the list tomorrow.  Must get done tomorrow.  
2.Book reports are finally done... I think... I have to find them all, count them and make sure they are filled out accordingly...  yeah, I it as we go, right..  not my style.  I prefer to search the house in a maniacal style trying to find them all, proof-read them quickly and make them fix them all on the day before school starts!!
3.Go through school supplies to make sure we've got everything...
4.Must buy Kyra brown shoes so she will wear her 1st day of school outfit that we picked out.  Yup, she knows the rules with shoes and clothes already..  
5.Baked some Red Velvet cupcakes today...  gotta do some trials b/c I am making them for a wedding...  want one???  I'll see you one and you can give me everyone seemed to really like the batch today...  weird and different kind of frosting though...
6. My kids just threw a fit b/c they can't finish watching the Bachelor Pad tonight... I know, I know...needed to start putting them to bed earlier a lot sooner than tonight... but, alas, this weekend has had lots of things going on... 

Think that's it.  Still contemplating making the teachers some little apple cookies and stuffing them in a mason jar with a back to school note on them...  guess I should really decide on that, huh??  Or at least make the cookie dough in case I go through with

Hope you are all having an awesome Labor Day!!  


  1. Give me a break you fake!

  2. Really????? How is she a fake?? You need to get a real life...

  3. I think you have a jealous follower... LOL you should have all the school supplies except for DJ's paper and 3 boxes of tissues fro each.. Kyra will look awesome in her outfit tomorrow.. I like red velvet cupcakes, do you make them with cream cheese frosting? Sounds like a busy day...

  4. Fake hear that wow I guess I must have an imaginary friend!!! One that bakes yummy delicious things and is someone anyone would be proud to be able to call friend. She should get props for all she does and not be called fake I agree mommysmommy someone is jealous....

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