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Holiday pic

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Things (S&@T) I Think...but don't actually say

This is gonna be a total stream of conscience entry... keep up if you

Oh crap, Baby C is awake already...dude, sleep a little bit longer... these naps really don't want to get shorter...Please??

Come on Franny, I know you want to lay down and rest for a bit..just a little snooze so I can breathe..  you know you want to!!

A poop, seriously?? I just changed your diaper... are you kidding me??  (always happens when I'm on a diaper budget b/c we need more..)

Oh Man, I completely forgot about PTA meeting and now I kinda really should jump in the shower..  where am I gonna lock these kids up so I can get it done??  Though, I wonder what people would say if I showed up in those yogurt stained sweat pants I've been wearing for 2 days and a hat covering my greasy mop with random bits of food stuck in it??

Go ahead and hit her back/throw a car back at her face/bite her back... in response to Max telling me what Franny is doing...

Didn't see the wall while you were running with your head turned around, didn't ya???

Please stop learning new things... pretty please?  You don't need to know who to unscrew bottles later in life, have someone else do it for you...

NOOOOOOOOO, I don't want to kill the bug and hear it go pop in the paper towel... (isn't this what husbands are for??)

Stop crying you little's only homework.  It only gets worse from here!!

Another spill??  Really??  Can't you just go through 1 meal without spilling your drink??  Come we need to give you all sippy cups???

Pick up you F@$*(#G laundry... do you not see that your F@$*(#G basket is an inch from where you dropped your dirty clothes??

GO AWAY... Mommy's in the middle of playing Song Pop and I really don't want to lose another one...

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO  (oh, wait, I do say this... A Lot... probably too much...)

Wipe your own butt!!  and/or Change your own F@$*(#G diaper you little spawn of satan!!

Did you Ever Want to

See if that duct tape will keep them still and perhaps in 1 spot for longer than 2 seconds??

Tie your children to the roof so you can have a nice peaceful drive (especially LONG ones)??

Let them cry in the crib when they wake up b/c you just weren't ready to go get them yet?? (ok, I admit i've actually done this...but no longer than 10 minutes...)

Give them some Benedryl to see if it will actually make them sleep a little??  (ok, we did this 1x with DJ when we had a really long flight and he was a bit much at the young age of 20 mos... the other passengers can thank me now..come on, it's not too late)

Yell at the top of your lungs in the middle of the yard until you felt better??  I wonder if this would actually help??

Shake them silly to see if you can knock some sense into them??

Lock them ALL (yes, all 4) in a padded room and play elevator music non-stop to see what they'd do to each other??  Hmmmmm.....

Laugh at them just after you've yelled at them or made them take a time out and they scream/cry/stomp all the way up to their rooms... OK, I do laugh but only after I make sure no other kid is watching me and if they are up my butt, I run into the bathroom to let it out!!

Do you Ever:

Get them in the car a little early, make sure they're buckled, close the doors and Run around the car several times to get a break??  Ok, so I smoke a cigarette (I know, bad habit..don't judge) but maybe running around the car is your thing...

Call them by everyone else's name (even your childhood pet's name) before you remember what you should be calling them??  (and they want us to remember the names of neighbor kids, classmates, dance mates, teammates, etc... yeah, sure...wear a name tag!!)

Bribe them with a prize or money??  I just bribed DJ/Kyra to clean up the little people's latest mess of the day (it was a big one) with a prize from the prize bin.  Bad Mom... but, seriously, don't judge..

Not spend enough time with each kid??  (I hate this... so hard to find the time to give that individual attention to all 4 of them...especially with mine and hubby's different work schedules)

Take a step outside just to breathe??

Make up an imaginary grocery shopping need just to get away the minute hubby walks in the door??

Sneak in a treat (like a piece of chocolate or french fries) while they are preoccupied so you don't have to share??

Eat your lunch in the bathroom so you can actually sit and chew rather than share and/or take a bite and have to rush up to go pull a child off the table, pull a child off another child, change a channel, read a book, sing a know, everything they want you to do when they see you...

Feign a headache at night and/or 'women' troubles.. lol

Pick a family picture to blow up based on how good you look??  Really doesn't matter who else is actually looking at the camera and/or smiling, right??

Take a wash cloth and wipe them down b/c you just don't have the energy for a full bath/shower??  Or, you just ran out of time to get them 'clean' before the babies go to bed..  OK, so sometimes, I just hose them down before they come in...seems to work... lol    Note to HUBBY- must get these bathrooms situated so showers can happen downstairs...  oh, and that would mean my washer/dryer would be on the same floor so could we speed this up already!!  Geez!!

They really are worth it all!!  I think...

OK... I think that's enough for one night!!  In the end, it really is all worth it.  I hope it's worth it... and the little shits better take care of me when I can't wipe my own butt, forget who they are, and refuse to eat what they're serving me..

Hope you are all having a Great night.  We have a crazy busy schedule this school year so I am still trying to adjust to it all.

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  1. Been there though and still do think alot of the same things lol, I vote for the cigs I agree bad habit but sanity saver sometimes. The "headache" or "exhaustions" well that's reversed in my household - hang in there it gets a little easier each year.