Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Franny needs a crate...

Yes, you heard correctly.  My little sweet angel of a 23 mos. old could really use a crate (you know like the doggie crate)!!

Now, I'm just going to show you a few pics and you can tell me if you know what's all over the playroom (yes, I locked them in there so I could take a quick shower...never again!!):

And then this happened:
So, I had no other choice but to do this:
And she retaliated by doing this (yes, she's sleeping):
Now, you may think that's not so bad, right??  Yeah, tell me what all that white crap is and if you think it was wet or dry and I'll tell you how clean my playroom is right now!!  lol

The rest of the day was ok...unless you  think one of your kids throwing rocks and thus breaking windows is a perfect end to your already lovely day!!

And so, you will soon be reading about the following 2 subjects:
1. Toddlers vs. Puppies
2. 'If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you follow'

Don't forget to leave a comment telling me what you think that white stuff was... It was ALL OVER the room (not just what you see..and I'm sure I missed some somewhere in there)

PS- Doing Zumba during your FUN time of month is not recommended.  Zumba, absolutely... just be prepared for not know what's coming out while you are jumping around...  nothing embarrassing but lots of guessing going on...  great fun though!!  (TMI, I know...but get over it...!!!)

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  1. I love how honest you are.. and i have no idea what the white stuff is.. My firt thought it is the diaper stuffing... second some kind of rug cleaner... And see this is why I have dogs!!!

  2. I am going with Michelle, I think it is the inside of the diaper... Was gonna go with couch stuffing but this looks more like diaper...Franny is the bomb-diggity...LOL

  3. I was going to say diaper too. Hoping it was a clean one if that's what it was! It's a good thing she's so cute right? ;) I put Zachary in his highchair when I take a shower... put him right outside the door so I can see his reflection in the mirror. Feed him and he sits still. Otherwise I'd never get a shower on days I'm home. Sam is pretty good at keeping tabs on when people are doing something wrong but I can't trust that he won't be involved too! lol!

  4. I am going with diaper stuffing because it was all over my laundry when I opened up the washer!!! Apparently the laundry basket was mistaken for the garbage :)