Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I admit it...

We were walking out of CVS today, and Max has both hands down his pants (in the back) and I tell him to get his hands out of his pants.  But Mom, he says, I'm scratching my butt!!!

Hmmmm... that's interesting, right??  I mean, wouldn't you like to just scratch that itch whenever you wanted to??  How weird would we all be if we just went ahead and put our hands down our pants to scratch all those itches??  Now, I know some people actually do know, whatever they want wherever they are (just walk around Walmart and you'll see), but I usually reserve scratching my butt for the comfort of my own

It also got me thinking about some other things I do...and I'm going to admit to you what they are... hope you don't think any less of me:)

1. I don't take a shower every day.  I am really lucky when I get that 2nd shower in for the week... you did see what Franny did in the playroom, right??  (and yes, that was pee soaked diaper filling you saw)

2. Sometimes, I leave the house forgetting to put deodorant on... sorry... it happens  (this is why I carry an extra in my purse)

3. I sometimes forget to brush my teeth before rushing out of the house... but, alas, I also carry one of these in my purse  (ever wonder why my 'purse' is so big??)

4. My upstairs hasn't been fully cleaned in so long I can't remember when it was done... so, don't go up there if you ever visit

5. Sheets are the last thing I think about when getting things organized, vacuumed and all around cleaned up..  so, that doesn't happen as often as it should...

6. After dinner, I don't sweep my floor... I wait until all those food bits have dried a bit and sweep them up then (especially the corn and rice that are really hard to sweep when not dried up) .. but don't worry, I've gotten into a daily sweeping routine...  (I also don't pick up all the bits of play-do until it is completely dry and can be swept up easier)

7. I watch stupid reality shows

8. I steal wine glasses  (don't worry, I've never taken them from someone's home..promise..) .. oh, but I do steal the long spoons from Friendly's... please, feel free to turn me in so that I can maybe spend a night in jail and get some

9. I scratch my ass and pick my nose (but only in the comfort of my own home when no one else is around)

10. I don't always listen to what my kids are saying .. I know, I really should.. but sometimes it happens

11. I forget to make my kids brush their teeth some days... especially in the summer... I know I know, make them kids brush

12. I fart sometimes in the grocery store and walk away.. it must be my Nana in me but it also helps to be there with kids so people don't know it's me.. gross, right??

13. I sometimes go days in the same clothes.. especially if I am going absolutely no where.  It's not like I'm showering every day, right??

14. I've broken some promises to my kids.  Not a good feeling and I really try not to do it if I can help it..

15. I throw temper tantrums.  Yes, I still do.. especially when hubby doesn't do what I only think in my mind he should be doing and I didn't leave a very detailed note explaining everything he should do while I was gone.. These tantrums include slamming cabinets, kicking toys out of the kitchen, throwing the dish towel, etc

16. I have bitchy tendencies.  And sometimes my bitchiness/sarcasm can come across the wrong way..sorry to those that misunderstand.  But, it's who I am... trying to change this one.  Especially when I hear the way Kyra talks sometimes..makes me re-think how I should be talking to hubby and yes, to them.

17. I've been known to leave the laundry in the washing machine for days before I remember that they never made it to the dryer..  I also have tendency to take said clothes out of dryer (when they finally make it there) and leave in baskets w/o folding it for days...

18. I make and break the 'no eating in the playroom' rule...  it's like a cycle..

19. I let my 8 yr old take my almost 2 yr old outside to play while I attempt to do some kind of cleaning inside..  hey, I'm training her for the future of babysitting...she can even change a diaper...

20. I drink a glass of wine just about every night.  Does that make me an alcoholic??  I don't think so... but it's my quiet ritual after they are all in bed!!

21. I like the Dixie Chicks..and Air Supply.. and Celine, Kenny Rogers, Les Miserables, Journey and a little Green Day.. ha ha..  oh, and I used to listen to the Cabbage Patch Kid record ALL the time (I can still sing some of those songs)

22. I've accidentally peed my pants (and yes, the other one too...think traffic jam, 3 kids in the car and dash to the rest area bathroom and no other adult with you).. especially when I drank too much coffee (or beer/wine/liquor) and just couldn't get there fast enough..  haven't you??  This could also randomly happen if I'm jumping around dancing or doing some of that Zumba crap... these are the times I wished I actually did those kegels they kept telling us to do when we were pregnant..  things just aren't the way they used to be..

23. I have chin hairs and I pluck them.  What else are you supposed to do with them, right??

24. I'm watching Honey booboo right now while I'm writing this.  Horrible show but it's one of those that you turn on and can't turn off b/c it's soooooooo horrible, ya know??

25. I'm addicted to my Facebook games:)

OK, I think that's about it.  Do you have any admissions??

On a completely different note- I want to thank you all for your votes and continued support!!  The votes are finalized and I have made it into the Top 25 Blogs in NY for the Circle of Moms!!  I am thrilled!!  Thank You!!

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