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Holiday pic

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School - a Top 10 List

Tomorrow I will be sending my 2 oldest kids back to school.  DJ will be heading off to 4th grade and Kyra will be in 3rd.  WOW... where has the time gone??  It feels like only yesterday DJ was coming home from the hospital..and than Kyra and now they are growing up so fast!!

The first day of school is always a bitter-sweet one for me.  I know some of you out there would love to have your kids with you all day long and don't want to let them go.  I, on the other hand, am kinda happy to let them go.  While I have 'enjoyed' having them home this summer, it will be nice for them to get out and for Max and Franny to have their space back.  There are lots of "he said she said's" and lots of instigating from big brother to little brother and lots of "Not Me did it and I don't know did it"  and kids up later (thus never getting that quiet Me time)  and ,  well,  you get the point, right??

So, in honor of them heading back onto that Big Yellow Bus, I've decided to dedicate a Top 10 List to them:)

Top 10 Things I will Miss When DJ & Kyra Go Back to School
1. Morning quiet time - I only got 30  minutes from when I woke up until Baby C arrived... but, it was my little piece of peace...  I usually get my quiet time after 10pm only

2. The use of their little legs and arms to go get me something in the other room b/c I'm too busy on FB to do it  ok, so not all the time..really...

3. Being able to send Franny outside in the backyard with Kyra so I can clean something inside...  yes, my floors have been cleaner than they've even been this summer

4. Having those extra hands from the big kids to get the little kids buckled into their seats...

5. They would take time to read books with the little ones... priceless moments

6. Lazy days of not getting dressed until noon or not at all and eating breakfast/lunch/dinner when we wanted to with no rushing involved

7. Having the time to actually bake with them this summer... they are usually in school or in bed when I bake

8. If I really needed a bathroom clean, I could get one of them to do it... he he he...

9. Being able to 'schedule' in that snuggle time more often b/c our schedule is not so hectic and they could stay up later

10. And last but not least, I will just miss them... really.  I often vent my frustrations about them in this blog, but I couldn't imagine my days without them... yes, even DJ who has a tendency to stomp on those last nerves!!

And so, back they go.  At least we will have until next week before all of our afterschool madness starts...  I predict several meltdowns and attitudes in the coming weeks!!  I most likely will not cry tomorrow but will instead be jumping for joy...  who knows.  It could go either's that time where I cry for 3-5 days straight for no reason.  Don't misconstrue those tears in the morning as tears of sadness, but rather tears of joy!!

Keeping with the Top 10 are 10 things I am looking forward to this school year:
1. DJ will be learning how to play the clarinet...  I know, how could I be looking forward to this you say??  Um, I LOVE the clarinet and played it myself so can't wait to see him do it
2. DJ will also be in the chorus for an actual chorus concert...
3. Kyra will be learning how to write cursive this year (even though she already thinks she can do it..)
4. DJ gets to go to his first 'dance' this year...really it's the Halloween Bash but it's at night and not in school
5. Nutcracker...seeing if both will be in it again and watching them perform..
6. Watching Kyra be able to take Jazz this year...she is sooooooo excited for this class
7. NOT having a kid make communion this year
8. Both of them being able to actually be in the Talent Show if they want to (past 2 years we have had communion 'retreat' on same night so we opted out of Talent Show)...  and even if they didn't want to do it, we can actually go watch it
9. Scheduled meals (kinda contradicts up top... but, they eat better when things are scheduled and pre-made and pre-thought about)
10. Watching them continue to grow and learn and become more and more of who they are (always love this...even when they are doing wrong and it drives me crazy but knowing they are learning a growing from it)

If you have kids going back...hope you have a great day tomorrow or the next.  If yours are already back, hope you are enjoying some peace and quiet:)

OK...on that happy note..ha ha...  just a quick reminder to vote again today if you haven't already done so... This blog is in the running for the Top 25 NY Blogs with Circle of Moms:)  You can vote every day (once every 24 hrs) So exciting to be in the running this year!!

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