Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to School Organization

Going back to school also means trying to organize my house.  Go on, you can laugh.  I'm not laughing yet, but am struggling in this department...oh, and drinking heavily!!  ha ha

I have a chalkboard calendar on the wall (the actual calendar is painted on top of the chalkboard paint) and will be going back to filling it out...this is a must.

I also have bins for the 2 big kids right by the calendar for important info.  I need to trash everything from last year (I know, I know...I've had all summer to do this but haven't yet...probably find some of that important info I didn't know last year in them).  This is for things like book reports, projects, the math facts packet, field trip crap, etc.  Hubby has a bin too...for bills:)  Max is going to need one next year (oh little snuggly buggly boy will be in the big K next year...think I will cry than).  I could use one...and Franny will eventually need one.  Gotta figure out something before everyone needs their own bins...

I'm trying to remember if they had a class on how to organize your house and your life once you have a husband and children...not ringing any bells... did you have one??  I kinda wish that I was more prepared for this whole wife/motherhood thing, you know??  I always know where things are and I am 99% positive when things are supposed to happen b/c it's all in my head.  Once you have a kid in school (or 2 and a preschooler and a husband and multiple jobs and many many activities) you kinda have to start writing this stuff down.  AND, you have to make sure it makes sense and the rest of the family knows about it.  Can you imagine when I have to add Franny to the mix??  I'm hoping to kick the shit out of organization by then...who's with me???

Now, if you've ever been in my Might think I'm organized.  If you've ever been to a party at my house, you Might think I'm organized.  BUT...the painful truth is that I really am not all that organized.  What you don't see is my back room (the one I'm in right now...things are all over the floor, the daybed behind me and the's awful and drives my crazy).  That's where I shove everything so it's out of sight/out of mind when people are coming over.

This year...I am vowing to try and be a little bit better.  Yes folks, I am trying to organize my family.  Oh, yes, and get them ready for school.  And I decided to try and do all of this Today...and tomorrow...and Monday.  Wish me luck!!  I totally need it:)

On a more positive note- I have now gone through 3 out of 4 kids clothes.  Believe it or not, DJ took longer than Kyra.  He needed to try on every pair of pants and every shirt and fight me on why the floodwater pants are a NO and why the 'long-sleeve' shirts that are 3 inches up his arm or a NO... that kid just doesn't want to let go he' been in them for so long!!  On a surprising note, I found a bag in the boys' closet with about 20 pairs of 4T pants!!  Total score for Max and a lot less $$$$ for us to spend!!  Now on to the most painful b/c there are so many is Franny...the girl had lots and lots... hoping to be able to pass these on to someone.  Max's and Kyra's will be well used...not sure what I will do with DJ's yet but I have a ton of other crap (mine and Doug's and some random sheets/placemats/etc) that will go to Salvation Army.

Here are some pics of 1st Day Past...Remember when:)

DJ for Kindergarten (think those shorts still fit

DJ 1st grade (check out the shorts..) and Kyra Kindergarten

DJ 2nd grade and Kyra 1st grade

DJ 3rd grade and Kyra 2nd grade
Hoping for a great school year for both!!

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  1. Good luck on the organization stuff!

  2. Organization?? What's that? I felt sooooooo unorganized for vacation this year.. Don't know why... Now to get myself on my school schedule and I will be doing good.. Good Luck