Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our feet

Just a picture of our pretty feet...get a good look today b/c they won't look like that for long!!!
Dropped Mommy's Mommy off at the train station this morning...left the house at 4AM and am pretty tired right now:(  And, we will mis her...won't see her again until we go to Myrtle Beach in August.  It's always nice when Mom comes and always bittersweet when she leaves!!  I will look for Kyra's breakdown later b/c she always cries and gets sad.

Recital Week has officially started this week.  We have dress rehearsals every single night this week and then the recital on Saturday.  In-laws are supposed to watch little kiddies saturday afternoon but the MIL broke 1 arm in 3 places and fell on the other arm last, I don't know if they are going to be able to do it.  She won't be able to pick up the baby at all and I fear if she poops the FIL would not help change it and so she would be stuck in poop until we got home.  I'd almost rather miss the second show (Kyra is in both shows...they have a 1pm and a 6pm show) so that I know my babies are taken care of!!  It would suck, but at least DJ and Daddy would be there to watch her!!  I'm excited for DJ to do his dance and his 'solo' too.  He really is awesome when he does his stuff!!  I have to try and figure out how to video tape it and than You Tube it so I can share it...and, he looks like a skinny little punk in his costume:)  Love it!!

Franny Girl has regressed into infant sleep patterns...I feel like we are always up and feeding during the night.  Maybe I need to get her off the boobs for real and just do the formula.  I pumped yesterday afternoon and barely got 3 ounces from both sides.  Now, this is odd for me b/c I have always been the one to have too much mild oooozing out of my boobs and could probably feed a 3rd world country...but, perhaps, the time has come to let it go...maybe.  I just don't know.  She is eating real food these days for the most part.  I think I've gotten soft with this one...I don't want her to get bigger and I don't want her to not need me anymore??  I just want her to stay as she is so I can snuggle her all the time and never let her go.  OK...that sounds crazy I know and I know she will grow and get bigger and I will have to let go, right??  I mean, she is going in the crib in 11 days and I think I'm going to have a harder time letting her cry it out than she is.  I'm definitely going to miss her warm cuddly body!!  OK...enough about that!!

Baby J is coming soon and I'm going back to the gym tomorrow (haven't been in like 3 weeks).  Perhaps I should pay my NYC ticket and pick up my contacts too???  Yup yup...

Random thought- cops are idiots down in Monroe...they should have been directing traffic before the toll instead of just hanging out by the 'closed' sign to the thru-way south...people were going thru the toll to have to turn around and go back through the toll again...or, they were turning around before the toll and trying to get all the way over to the exit...or, they would slam on their breaks to try and make that illegal U-turn...IDIOTS!!!


  1. OMG - I knew about that closure - totally forgot you were going!!! but I did remind you about the pants!!!! :(....

  2. Miss y'all too.. I get bummed out too Kyra...Had a wonderful time.