Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pedicures and tradition

Every time my Mom comes to visit or we go down to visit her, we always try and get ourselves a pedicure.  It's kinda like our tradition and than we can both have pretty looking feet:)  She has been here for about 10 days and is leaving tomorrow...but, we did make it to the nail place today for our pedicures.  And, let me tell you how much I needed that!!  My nails barely get cut (I hate to cut them) and I have very dry and scratchy, I always look forward to soaking them and having someone else cut them and the cuticles and stuff!!  And, at this place, they stick your hands in the parafin wax as part of the pedicure:)  Now, they don't get rid of the callouses anymore (well, they will but will charge you extra)...but, that's ok...I can always pick at them later:) 

This time around, we decided to bring the Kyra and her cousin also came with us...I'm pretty sure they enjoyed are some pics:
 Look...their drinks match their water..
 Our drinks don't...
 walk like a stiff legged mummy...
 playing with parafin wax (this was supposed to be a pepperoni pizza)
We left Macky home...and according to hubby, he was out on this stoop for about an hour before hubby realized he was no where to be found in the

And so, we passed on the torch to the next generation...though, next time we get pedicures it's on them!!!

Random picture tonight:

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