Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The kids are alive...or should I say the sitter is alive???

Yup...we all made it out alive!!  Barely...thought the kids might actually be good but I guess I am doing something wrong.  Especially with my eldest...he really is a true instigator and has a way of dragging everyone down with him!!  And yesterday was no different:

He decided that it would be OK to go into the stream on the side of our driveway (this is the stream that is one of the main run-offs for the rest of the houses located above it's best to not disturb the rocks and stuff in there)  Now, I don't think we would have been quite so dissapointed in him if that was all he did.  BUT, he thought it would be great to dig down deep into the mud and start flinging it at his sister and brother.  AND, he got both Kyra and Max to start digging into the mud as well...guess it was an all out mud fight in my yard yesterday...there's dried mud all over the place leading all the way up to the front door.  If I was home, you'd have a picture...but also, if I was home this would NEVER had happened!!! 

Tried to call the house last night and there was no they were either outside having this wonderful mud fight OR she was giving them a bath.  Yup...they got so dirty that she put them in the tub.  Definitely something I did not want her to have to do...nor was it even discussed.  She is only 16 and should not have to bathe my children...hence the reason we left $$ for pizza.  I didn't think it would be fair for her to try and cook them something.  I totally understand how difficult it can be to make dinner and watch 4 kids..  Didn't really know how dirty they were last night until I went to give Max and Franny Girl a bath tonight.  UMMMMMMM, tub was so completely filthy that I had to scrub it before I could stick anyone in there!!!  Not something I enjoy doing and was definitely not happy about doing it at 7:30 tonight before bathing kids!! 

Oh...and my fabulous hubby thought that I could just scrub the tub with Franny Girl on the floor next to me with the door closed...yup...he didn't feel like watching her while I had to SCRUBTHEF'INGTUB!!!, instead of him watching her, he told Kyra to keep an eye on her and closed them into Kyra's room with Max walking around and going in/out of Kyra's room.  All while I was SCRUBBINGTHETUB.  And, when I asked him to put his clothes away so we could clean up the bedroom (you see, I'm thinking about actually sleeping in our bed tonight), he gave me attitude.  Seriously??  PUTYOURF'INGCLOTHESAWAYANDCLEANUPTHECRAPONTHEFLOOR!!  Do you all put your husbands clothes away??  Is it part of the job of the 'stay at home mom'??  I didn't think I had to clean up after him and put his stuff away...And, while I'm complaining about him, you'd think he might have washed the dishes this morning after I made a great big breakfast for everyone.  I had to bring my brother to pick up his car and left right after I thought maybe he's clean up or something.  NOPE...but, he was able to go outside and set up the trailer and quad to go to his hunting ground.  You know, he has to get his food plot fixed out there...doesn't matter that our own garden isn't even planted yet...gotta have the hunting spot going first.  And he's gotta have that stupid trailer/quad in our's not even ours!!  I hate that thing being in our takes up most of 1 side.  If it were my brothers stuff, he'd be complaining about it left and right...but b/c it's his brothers stuff and it's something he can use for his hunting crap, it's ok to take up the space.  I think we should be charging storage fees!!!

OK- back to the kids.  I am seriously embarassed by their behavior and seriously doubt it if she wants to come back.  Yes, I somehow managed to get the kids nobody wants to babysit b/c they are rotten kids!!  Thank goodness we don't need to do this often...or maybe it's b/c we don't do it often enough??  I don't know what to do with them...but I do know that they aren't always good for Grandma El on thursdays either.  So, what do you do??  Can we start beating them??  kidding...maybe...I mean, it worked for us, didn't it??? 

On another note, Franny Girl IS IN HER CRIB...YEAH!!! Let's see how long it lasts.  We put Kyra in the boys room so that it doesn't bother her...I'll probably end of sleeping on Kyra's I just need to not bring her in there with me.  I can do it I can do it I can do it!!!  I miss her already though.  She's a good snuggler!!!

OK...I'm done ranting.  Wedding was was great...and we had some adult time.  yeah:)

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  1. Oh man....that just stinks...glad the wedding was fun and SO glad that Frannie is in her crib! Just for the record, Eric does all his own laundry, washes, folds and puts away and most of the ya momma!