Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Big Vent Session...

OK...are you guys ready for this...I am and I know this will make me feel better...and hopefully you all will feel better too...ha ha ha

So, there is still so much to do in my house and still not enough time to get it all done.  My back room is almost done...just need to sweep, dust and change sheets.  Kitchen and dining area are pretty's just that damn table which emanates stickiness and the floor which grows it's own crumbs on a minute to minute basis!!!  Playroom was picked up and vacuumed...will it stay that way???  NOPE...of course not!!!  Bathrooms need to be cleaned (scrubbed is more like it...) and all the upstairs bathrooms need to be vacuumed, dusted and clean sheets on beds (we've got guests staying in those beds this weekend..)  And, I still need to take care of these kiddies, take a shower ISMELLSOMUCHIT'SDISGUSTINGANDMYTEETHAREGONNAFALLOUTSOONANDMYHEADITCHES.
ha ha ha hah a ha   don't come too close right now!!!

I have to make cupcakes to bring in to Kyra's classroom tomorrow...Baby J is coming today, I have to work today, DJ has a baseball game today...Tomorrow is p/u Mom at train station with Max, Franny Girl and perhaps Baby J (hoping to be able to leave him home with hubby b/c he is actually off tomorrow)...go food shopping, deliver cupcakes to Kyra's classroom, pick up big kids for dance/gymnastics and take all to Goshen.  I will take the babies with the hopes that hubby can get the yard mowed otherwise we will have another meadow in the front yard (we have to replace a blade) ...sorry hubby, I'm not gonna make it to Sears today to pick up what you need. 

Have to figure out what to do about cake for Franny I really try and make one at this point or just f'ing order one???  How do you order a cake when you are the baker in the family???  Riddle me that one!!

I can't even think about what else needs to be done right now.  On top of all this- my hands and feet are continuously numb and I have been feeling dizzy quite a bit these days.  Perhaps I should go have that blood sugar test that I was supposed to do back in January??  Oh crap, now I have to figure out what doc I saw for the gestational diabetes and f/u...maybe I should go have a physical too...just to make sure everything's ok.  And perhaps, I should actually go see that dermatologist about my moles!!!

I'm tired and it's only 10:24am...gotta go figure out how to take a shower and if Franny Girl is going to cry the entire time I'm in there...b/c I think she might have an ear infection, when am I gonna bring her to the doc???  Yeah, I have no idea either!!

Random thought- stripes and plaids go together...we r starting a new trend

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  1. He sure is a special child... Make your appointments for next week. You will have an extra pair of hands...