Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photography and Screw Ups

So, I went to this photography class (we'll use that term lightly here) tonight and there is a f/u class next week...and I think I could have taken a nap and still know everything he taught.  Guess it was a definite beginner class but I guess it was just good to get out for 2 hours w/o kids or hubby...and I wasn't like grocery shopping or anything.  The dishes were all in exactly the same place I left them (I think there might have been more of them but really, who's counting) so I guess getting out of the house and dozing a little while trying to listen to a very boring man talk about your camera settings was a good night????  Oh, and I'll go back next week except everyone's getting pb&j for dinner so I don't have to hurry up and clean it when I get home before Franny really gets upset!!!

And here's how I screwed up today:  you know, we all talk about consistency with our children (ok, so maybe I'm the only one talking about it...that at the whole yelling thing)???  Well, I realized today why Kyra can be so whiny and cries a lot and it's not just hubby she's got wrapped around her finger!!!  I was finally able to run up to the hospital this afternoon (hubby stayed home sick today so I took advantage and showered too) to see the babies that were born earlier this week.  Well, Kyra had changed into a dress and kept hounding me to go so she could see the babies...ahhhhhhhhhh.....I just finally gave in.  I should have stuck to my guns and told her that I said NO and she has to stay home.  I mean, it really wasn't a huge deal, but by not sticking to my first answer, I gave her the impression that crying, whimpering and break-downs are the way to go in life when you don't get your way. time, I let her have the break-down and just go w/o her, right??? 

Oh, and I didn't yell too much when Max came in covered in muddy water (I totally wiped his face before I realized I should take a pic...but you could make out his eyes and lips through the mud on his face..)  Here are some pics of the mud (the pics just don't do it justice)

Yes...that's a muddy thumb in the

And, for those of you that wonder what happens to all the food I give Franny Girl...check out what was in her clothes, around her legs, up her butt (kidding, but you get the picture) ... I thought she ate all this stuff until I started to take her out of the hi-chair and shake her off...ha ha ha

Yes...this was all attached to her lower extremities in some form or other:)

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  1. Mud is fun.. Take out the hose and wash him down..