Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Out of the mouths of Babes...

So, Max has this infatuation relationship with his boobies...he likes to 'play' with them while sucking his thumb when he gets tired.  Yeah...kinda crazy I used to be his belly button, but he discovered his 'boobies' and that was the end of the belly:)  And, he must be able to get to we were never really able to put onesies on him and he needs to unzip certain pj's to reach them!!, he came around the corner and told me that I needed to drink his boobie milk!!  Ummmm, yeah, sure Max...where in the world does this kid come up with this stuff??  I told him that I didn't drink that anymore and he was very insistent that I drink milk from his boobie...even pulled up his shirt to show me that he had boobies!!  I love that kid:)  You just never know what's gonna come out of his mouth. 

So, while we are talking about Max and what comes out of his mouth, I am also sad today that he is starting to correct himself with his words:(  So, as a tribute to Max, here are some of my favorite words that we loved hearing him say (along with a translation for you)

Mogolego                                                      Motorcycle
Dicks                                                             Sticks  (and sometimes they were big 'sticks')
Anareca                                                         Francesca
D day                                                            DJ
Rearra                                                           Kyra
vroom vroom                                                Car
Big vroom vroom                                          Truck

I know there's a lot more...but my brain is already falling asleep:)  I hope he never loses his cuteness and the fact that when he gives hugs and kisses it is always a hug on each side with a kiss in the middle...and I hope he will always climb up and want to snuggle with me!!  And, I really enjoy the fact that he puts on his winter hat when it's super hot outside along with crocs that are on the wrong feet!!  His personality will reach out and grab you and draw you into his little world!!  His curiosity is awesome (even though I may get tired of his continuous questions) and so is his compassion!! 

OK...enough about him...even though he's just an awesome kid!!  Laugh mommy, laugh.  OK Max, I'm stop Mommy...ok, Max (chuckle chuckle) MOM...stop laughing...sure Max:)

On another note- today I was able to bake 2 more kinds of cake, 2 kinds of frosting, decorate some mini cupcakes, make some letters with chocolate, mush up all 3 kinds of pops (chocolate w/pb shell, spice cake with red shell to look like apples, and vanilla w/white choc shell) and put together the pop bouquets!!  Oh, yeah, and do the dishes, sweep up Franny's mess (yeah...when I'm busy, Max takes over and decided that Franny Girl needed like 100 puffs, 100 cheesey crackers, 100 cheese doodles, etc), pick up the tornado that Franny left, do some more dishes, oh no, the napkins are all over the floor (thx Franny),  ooooops, there goes the tomato plant on the floor again (thx Max), etc!  And, kids were registered for Soccer, Cheerleading and Track (the free stuff).  Speaking of which, why in the world do they have to hold sign-ups for all this stuff at 3 different locations???  It's all part of the Rec Programs, so can't they just pick a location and all be there???  Don't they realize that we, as parents, are busy and our time is limited???  HA

Random thought- If you start to doubt yourself, the real world will eat you alive   (Henry Rollins)

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  1. He is a good hugger and an awesome kid, even if he is my grandson:)Love the hats..