Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fevers, Friendly's and Field trips...

Yes, it's Freakin' F-day...ok???  So, let's start with these fevers Kyra gets...she's been getting these since before kindergarten (at least, that's when I realized there was a pattern and we had her diagnosed) and yes, it is a real syndrome:

We started giving her prednisone (sp??) at the start of her fevers but that made the fevers come more they started her on another drug which made them grow farther apart until we thought they had stopped.  And so, we stopped worrying about them and/or not noticing them as much.  But, let me know you, we all know when an episode is coming and they are not fun!!  She starts with a lack of appetite, headache, tired, chills and of course the HIGH fever.  We don't get worried when she has the 104.1 fevers b/c we know what it is.  But, they are frustrating and they knock her out for a couple days.  I can't even imagine how they must make her feel but I feel bad for her b/c she just wants to be involved in school and activities that she will ultimately miss.  These things used to keep her off her feet for about 3-5 days...but we've figured out that if we pump her full of motrin/tylenol before the fever even gets real high, it will only last about 1-3 days...and she is perfectly fine while the tylenol/motrin is in her system...and we can always tell when the drugs are wearing off.  Needless to say, we don't leave home w/o drugs for her!!!  It's just like we don't leave home w/o my wine and a bottle know, the basic necessities???

Friendly's- WE LOVE FRIENDLY'S   Yes, we go every time my MOm is here for a visit.  It's her thing for the kiddies...and they love going.  We've come a long way in going out to dinner at Friendly's...we've also added on to our evening out (you know...used to be DJ and Kyra but now we also have Max and Franny Girl).  This trip was a productive one...we only made a minimal mess and the crayon Max put all over the table came off pretty easily...and Franny Girl sat in the hi-chair and SHEATEREALFOODFORDINNER...YEAH!!!

 Check out my face...Max has cheese sauce all over his!!
 DJ loves the cheese sauce and loads up his waffle fries...and yes, it's taken about 3 years for him to realize he loves the cheese sauce with the waffle fries!!!
 Feeling good at dinner...gotta get some food in her while she feels good!!!  Chills started 5 minutes later!!
Field trips:  going on my first one with my kids tomorrow.  I'm excited to be going but at the same time I can understand not going!!  I have no idea how Franny Girl is going to react tomorrow b/c not only am I going on this Field trip, but I have to work and than am going to a MOm's Night In.  You see, everything really does happen on Thursdays when I have to work!!!  DJ also has a game:)  But, I have to be up and ready to go with a lunch and coffee and everything.  And, I should probably put on some deodorant and stuff, right???  And so, I'm off to bed...sweating already..

Random thoughts- my children eat least, I'm pretty sure they do b/c every time I turn around, they are missing and/or gone!!!   Where else could they possibly go???  Must buy stock in napkins!!!

Herre is a pic of some cookies I made tonight:


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