Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, June 5, 2011

GREAT DAY!!! Baptism and b-day celebration

So, today's day started bright and early this morning with coffee and more work to do.  You know, the stuff you just can't do the night before??  Table cloths and chairs outside...potato salad, beans, finish pork, eat breakfast, drink more coffee, shuffle girls in and out of shower, put make-up on (yes, I did put some make-up on today), shove hubby out the door for bagels, shove hubby outside to get last table set-up, shove hubby into shower, shove hubby into suit (you get the picture here, right??), have Franny girl projectile vomit on my face, arms, legs, etc...have to bath Franny b/c it also went all over her, spill some juice (make the Godmother clean it up though...she's GREAT)oh, and get dressed myself, straighten Kyra's hair that she wanted done 10 minutes before we had to leave (thanks Cousin Sandy for doing it), get everyone in the car and make it to 12:00 mass!!  Yes, WE DID IT!!!  Francesca refused to sleep the entire morning and during the entire mass.  She did, however, fall asleep right before we began our Baptism Ceremony, proceeded to sleep during the entire ceremony (and she was transferred between God Mother, God Father, Mother, Father, God Mother, Mother, Father, etc)..She was so completely exhausted that she even slept straight through the water over the head part too, only to wake up half-way through the pictures!!  ha ha ha

And than, there was the party!!  Lots of food, lots of family and lots of friends!  We had a great day and I am blessed to know so many wonderful people.  I could not have had such a great day without the help of all of my family and friends!!  And so, here are some pics from the party and Franny Girl (we also celebrated Kyra's b-day with decorate your own flip-flops and ice-cream sundae bar):
 sleeping baby...ahhhhhhhh
 Parents and God Parents
 Birthday Girl

 The cookies we made...YUM

The females of the family!!!  Loved loved loved having them here and will be sad when they leave!!!


  1. Thanks for making such a great day.. Loved having quite a bit of family here.. Will also be sad when everyone leaves:(

  2. Sorry I missed it! All your parties are awesome!!

  3. It was a great time. Thanks for having us!