Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I think I'm tired...or something like that... brain has been a little muddled lately and I just can't seem to think straight.  So, I'd like to tell you what I've been up to aside from baking and not sleeping.  I have also decided to try and hit parked cars, break pull-out couches, and knock the wine over on to the keyboard of my laptop...can we all say OOOOPS!!!  I think I'm falling apart.

Friday afternoon, I go to pull out of the driveway in our truck and smack right into our car...yes, you got it, our car by our truck by ME!!!  Guess it's a good thing we never really fixed that part of the truck from the last time something like this happened (nope, it wasn't me last time either...)  But, I did break the door in the back of the, no one will be able to open it from the outside.  Guess it's a good thing hubby doesn't really do any entertaining in the shit car anyway...and, hey, it still turns on and runs so it's not like I really 'broke' the car.  He can still get to/fro work in it...we just have to add a little more duct tape so the handle stays will blend in naturally with the rest of the car...ha ha ha

Friday night, went to a friend house for this most spectacular dinner party that she hosted for the ladies.  Let me tell you that it was one of the best nights I've had in a long long time!!  The food was deliscious, and the company even better.  We laughed so hard our sides hurt and I was crying!!  And, of course, you know I have to get up and 'dance' a little once we changed the music...yup...old classics from the 80's...hip grinding, sandwiching, the running man, oh man, what a night.  I even got my split on...though, I think if I put that picture up here people would come after me a shoot me down... at the very end (well, when I forced myself to actually leave b/c I still had some cupcakes to bake...crazy, I know) we all hugged (all 3 of us left) and fell onto the pull-out bed that was set-up...and OOOOOOOPS...the frame bent at the end...O M G !!!  And we could do nothing but laugh...yup, we laughed about how the Mom sleeping on that bed was gonna be on the floor at a pile by the end of the bed b/c it just curved all the way down to the floor.  I hope they were able to 'hammer' it back up!!!    And yes, I got those little sucker cupcakes baked and was in bed (you know, that couch I call bed) by 2AM.

And so, that leads me to today...had to be at work today for a long 9-5 shift...don't do many of these but they do come my way every now and again.  Of course, the next one is in 2 weeks and I will be at the same house having a 'sleep over' camp-out...yeah, these early morning shifts are not fun to get to!!  I had to keep myself moving b/c it was a pretty quiet day and I think I could have laid my head down on the computer and drifted off to neverland and dreamt of sugar plum fairies and all that crap...but, alas, I didn't fall asleep and I made it home in 1 piece.  But, because we needed to round this out and make it a '3' thing, I decided that we should knock into the table that holds my laptop and my glass of wine...and that wine should just topple over and onto the keyboard.  Yup...fried that sucker right up.  Lost some of my writing and now I can't sit up and play stupid facebook games while I wait for Franny Girl to wake up and want to nurse.  Geez...what should I do??  Ohhhhhhh, I know...I'll put her in the crib and JUST GO TO SLEEP!!!  Hmmmmmmmmm, what do you think??  I'm just pissed that I wasted that glass of wine...but at least the glass didn't break!!!  Cheap, stolen glasses from hotel rooms really are un-breakable!!  Oh no, I lost some of my 'writings' know, the ramblings that I have on the ready for a quick post?? I'm gonna have to start those all over again...sippy cups and granny panties will have to be re-written...

I'm gonna miss my Franny Girl...that is, if I actually follow through and put her in the crib...we all know how much success I've had with that. 

Random thought- I hate those drivers who are so close they could smell your pits, b/c you forgot to put deodorant on, when you are in a small town and doing the slow speed limit to avoid getting another ticket; but when you speed up on the outskirts of town they are no where to be found b/c you've left them in your smelly dust b/c they really only have 1 speed.  speaking of cars only driving 1 speed...I really hate those drivers that do 35 in a 55 and stay at 35 in a 35 and continue to do 35 in a 20...



  1. I had a FAB night as glad you are in my life....bummer about the wine 8( oh and the computer...see ya tonight!

  2. Put the girl in the crib and walk away.... You will get some sleep and vacation is coming up and we will all need to sleep. She will be fine... Sorry about your wine, will have some in the fridge waiting for you.. Computer, can't help you on that one and thanks for not mentioning my name in the car mishap:)