Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Me Time...

Last night, I went out without any of my children or my hubby.  And, I wasn't going food shopping, or looking for a new dress I actually need for an occasion, or running an errand...Nope, I went out and had a few glasses of wine and some yummy appetizer thingy (I don't actually know what was in it, but it sure did taste good...probably could've eaten another one...)   Yeah Me!!!

I don't care if you go out all by yourself, with 1 friend, 2 friends or many friends.  You NEED it.  And you will feel soooooooooooooooo great to be there without having a worry (at least for a few hours...ha ha ha).  Conversation was awesome, got some great ideas, laughed about our kids and the things they do and just had a good time.

Things to remember for my future outings:
1. Don't say you will be gone for a couple hours as hubby will automatically assume 2 hours.

2. If hubby should call/text while you're still out wanting to know how much longer, just remember that baby will always fall asleep before you walk in the door...even if you say you are 2 minutes, 10 minutes or an hour from being home...the crying child will always be asleep when you get there!!

3. Always say good-bye to your older children as they will wait up in bed until you get home (I snuck out last night b/c I didn't want Franny Girl to see me)

4. Make sure you lay out pajamas where hubby can find them...and make sure you let them know where the Desitin

5. Screw it and just have fun...expect the unexpected and go with the know, all that crap!!

Today...almost done working, then home to feed Franny (am positive she hasn't had any milk or formula while I've been here) and off to a BBQ and my brothers house:)

Hope you are all having a GREAT Weekend!!


  1. I had a great time last night, thanks for meeting up with me and Beth. Convo was awesome and well needed!

    See ya Monday!

  2. Oh man, missed a girl's night out... bummer. Glad you had a nice time