Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, July 22, 2011

Max's Story

3 Years ago, right about now, I had already given birth and was trying to find some food to eat in the hospital...I do believe I found some Fig Newtons at the nurses station and nice cold apple juice in the fridge!!

Yes, Max was born 3 years ago today.  7/21 at 7:21pm...he was my smallest weighing in at 8 pounds 1 ounce and he was 8 days early.  It was a Monday night and I was trying to hold off until Tuesday b/c DJ and Kyra were both born on a Tuesday...but, Max would wait for nothing!!  He barely waited until we got to the hospital...I'll never forget the utter chaos in the room as the doctor realized he really was coming out and there was nothing prepared!!  Nurses running around like lunatics and the bed being broken down...I think I got the epidural in my back and he was born before I could even feel it...the little booger was on his own time table and still is!!  I also remember making stuffed shells while writing down the contractions but really not paying attention to the timing...just knew that I had to get those meals done, wrapped up and in the freezer...ha ha ha

Wow...three years already!!  I just can't believe it.  So, here is how Max came into our lives:

DJ was first in 2003...pregnant with Kyra before the year was up (thankfully...otherwise I may have just stopped at and she was born in 2004.  We took a little break (not a long one) and got prego in 2005...found out sometime in September that we were expecting another bundle of joy.  Had some complications, found out this baby was very sick and we decided to terminate the pregnancy.  Very hard decision and it took me a looooooong time to actually accept it.  I was 16 weeks and 4 days when the procedure took place.  A few months after that, my father (who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer) passed away. 

With all this going on, we did decide to keep trying for another baby.  It seemed to take forever (the 3 previous pregnancies came so easy to us) and I kept getting dejected and wondering what was going on.  Did something happen to me in that procedure??  Did they nick something they weren't supposed to??  Was hubby not as fertile as he was??  Even made him have a test to check his 'count'...ha ha  Yeah, doc told him he could populate a 3rd world country there were so many in there...geez, I think hubby's head exploded after that:)  Hindsight, I think it was my body's way of saying we weren't ready...God was making sure I was emotionally ready after mourning the lost angel and my dad in the same year...duh...Oh, and did I say that Max has his own agenda???

Low and behold, I finally got prego in 2007 with Max due out July '08.  Long pregnancy...worked on my feet a lot with him.  Feet were swollen to the point of having cankles (yeah, you now, when you have no ankle and your calf kinda runs down to your foot) and lots of back pain.  Bartending and hostessing and baking are not meant for the prego body, that's for sure!!  But, we made it through and he came rip roaring into this world on Monday night, July 21, 2008 @ 7:21pm.  Did I mention that I got to the hospital at about 6:30pm??  And I wasn't a registered patient when he popped out...ha ha ha!!!

And now, here he is, my little pint sized old man...he talks a lot, asks why a lot, and is very free with his love.  Max came into my life for a reason and I love every ounce of his little body!!  I hope he never changes and keeps his big open heart!!  He gives new meaning to the saying: Good things come to those who wait (is that how it goes??  I always get sayings wrong..)

I'll close with some pics of him through the years...all 3 of them!!