Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unexpected fun and a first sleep over...

We missed track this morning...oh well. 

Sidebar: I think this is the summer where I'm ok with missing this stuff.  Honestly, do they really need to run 3 mornings a week??  (OK...DJ yes, the others not so much).  But...who knows how each night is going to pan out and how much sleep I'm going to get.  And so, I'm ok with them missing the stuff that's free.  I know there are lots of people that show up and so the programs will continue on with or without my children this year!!  Because, they are going to miss again tomorrow and I'm not sure about Thursday yet:)

Instead, we slept in a little and Kyra was able to make a b-day card for her very bestest friend in the whole wide world.  She was going to spend the day with her and some other friends celebrating her b-day (cool idea...her actual b-day is in the winter so this is a summer swim party celebration).  Dropped her off and headed to the Local Farmer's Market with the boys and Franny Girl.  Bumped into my Momma Friend and her clan and shopped the local produce.  Now, I generally don't buy much at the Farmer's Market...I personally think it has a tendency to be a bit over-priced.  But, today, I did purchase some cool things: local chocolate milk (ummmmm, this was the best chocolate milk I've ever had and just gave in when DJ wanted it), a southwestern style goat cheese (this is gonna be so yummy over a nice steak...I'm drooling thinking about it), some sweet red pickles (they were soooooo good and will be an awesome addition to my sandwiches and/or salads), and some lettuce (which was only a that was definitely not overpriced).  And than, we headed over to friends house for some lunch and pool time.  Kids had a blast...swimming, bubbles, water guns and ice pops.  Who wouldn't have fun???  Maybe Franny Girl will sleep well tonight with the sunshine and swim time!!!  Max was too cute...he just didn't want to go in the 'big' kid pool (not a really big pool...maybe 2 or 3 feet and he would have been well above the water for his head)...he kept trying to but would lose his nerve at the end!!  He had fun in the inches of water in the baby pool along with Franny Girl.  Bummed I didn't have my camera...they were just so darn cute!!

Headed home b/c Baby J was expected soon and I wanted to feed Franny Girl before he showed up.  Once he arrived, we had a 3-way poop fest and feeding frenzy!!  Ha ha ha... decide to pop over to Shop-Rite (yup...with 2 babies a toddler and DJ) before picking Kyra up.  Not so bad...didn't need much so we were able to put Baby J in the back of the cart (he was in his infant seat and snoozed while we shopped), Max went in the top part of the cart, Franny got strapped onto my chest and DJ ran up and down the aisles!!  I think DJ was having a mental block today and must have been injecting himself with sugar non-stop today.  It was one of those frustrating days where the kid would NOT stop moving!!!  For some reason this completely and utterly annoys the heck out of me.  Try talking to the kid when he's like that and he's bouncing up and down like Tigger...very frustrating!!  And, he was active outside today and everything.  Sometimes, these days are worse than when we are inside all day doing quiet activities.  It's like we let him out and he doesn't know what to do with himself.  lol

OK- go to pick up Kyra and she is begging to sleep over.  So, I tell her that I'll let her stay for now and will talk to hubby.  And that was that...she stayed.  They are going to paint their toe-nails and finger-nails and have a grand time.  She is going to be completely and utterly exhausted when I pick her up tomorrow on the way to the beach...yes, we are going to try beaching it tomorrow...but, at least I have wonderful friends also going who are willing to help me lug my kids and crap from car to beach and back again!!!  Probably won't have pics of that either b/c I don't want to take my camera onto the beach...we'll see...gotta think about how I can keep it protected.  Good thing, I am already packed up regarding food...just need to get towels and get everyone up, fed, sunscreened and out the door...easier said than done, I know.  We'll see how it goes!!

Franny Girl has been asleep for 2 hours and in the crib for the last 1.5 hours.  Hmmmmmm, let's knock on wood or something and see how long it lasts tonight.  Last night was an every 2-3 hour schedule.  Looking forward to longer stretches of time???  Please!!!

OK- later!!

PS- I wish I could be a fly on the wall over at that sleepover...I am excited for Kyra but also a little sad that she's starting this already...she's just growing up too fast!!

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  1. Mommy's mommyJuly 6, 2011 at 6:56 AM

    Sorry, but growing up is part of life... Soon she will be so independent that you won't know how to handle it... Oh, wait you have Max and Francesca so it shouldn't be too bad. As for DJ let him run his course. Count to ten or hum a song, he can't help how he is, it's not him per say but something in his body making him be that way. Have fun at the beach and glad the neighbors are there to help.