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Holiday pic

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long Distance Families...

So, ok...I like live far away from all of  my family and it's like really hard to visit them as often as I'd like...ok??  Jeez, so I sound like a teenager or what???  ha ha ha

I miss my family!!  I miss having dinner at Aunt Barbara's and dropping in on my Mom and whatever hubby she's with at the time.  I wish my older brothers lived nearby so I could drop by randomly at their homes.  And I wish my cousins lived closer (and of course Cousin Sandy's family needs to live closer with her...duh).  I always feel guilty for not being able to go visit one part of my family b/c this person wants you to visit and that person needs you to visit and if you visit one, you really can't afford to visit the others and who do you actually choose???  AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 

That's it...I demand that all of my living relatives move to the North East IMMEDIATELY!!! we all know that's not going to happen.  But, we can dream, can't we??  I do have my little (ok...he's younger but really not smaller) brother only a few minutes away.  But sometimes we both seem to forget know??  I really need to just drop in or something...though I am often tired and overwhelmed by the things that need to get done in this house.  I do have to say, though, we did get together for like 3 weeks straight and maybe b/c we missed this past weekend I am feeling a little lull???  Miss you already:(

I am often angry at my Mom b/c she moved down south with her now husband...and I hate it when she says, I'm gonna move back north and I'm looking and yadda yadda yadda.  We all know she's not coming back...but I do often wonder what in the world drove her to move down there.  Her kids were still in NY and she had absolutely no family in or near the town she moved to.  So, why??  Running away??  Maybe from memories or something, who knows??  But, man, how I wish she was up here and just around the corner.  Aside from the fact that it would make life a little easier with 4 kids, but my kids would be able to see her on a more regular basis, you know??  Anyone else have a parent long distance??  How do you deal with it or is the long distance ok with you??  The anger is not as prominent as it used to I think I'm just a little (ok, who am I kidding...a lot) sad that she's not here.  She'll never come back up here.. She has other priorities and the cost of living is so much different that it would be a culture shock..  Wow, perhaps I just accepted that??  Maybe??  Even though there is always that glimmer of hope in the back of my brain, I know it will never happen...oh well.

We do have my step-father who lives about 25 minutes away.  His wife helps us out with the kiddies and babysits that once a week I need!!  Sometimes, though, I think she must re-think that decision.  My kids have a tendency to wear out even the best of the best.  You will always leave my house 100% more exhausted then when you entered.  Even if you aren't babysitting...ha ha's all the running, screaming, yelling, and stuff that really gets you going.  Oh, and the need to be patient with them really takes a toll on you!!!

Well, I guess we should say we also have hubby's parents about 50 minutes away as well as his 2 brothers.  Ummmmm, that's a story for another day!!!  One day, I will talk about the in-laws and the fun things we all do together...  And of course, the brother in law with a family and then the brother in law w/o a family.  We'll save that for when I've had 1 too many glasses of wine...

Random thought #1: I pity those that have in-law families like or worse then mine...and I pity those that don't have the family support like I don't.  But, I must say, I am also very jealous of those with great in-laws and a tight family circuit.

Random thought #2: FUN DAY TOMORROW!!!!  Carnival for a Cause;)  Bunch of moms put together this wonderful fundraising event for school supply donations and for our kids to have a great time playing carnival games!!  Can't wait...come get your Face Art by Dawn

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