Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ahhh...the sweet smell of failure..

So, you all know, I went in for the Cupcake Wars on K104 on friday...some of you cheered me on and encouraged me and I thank you for all of that!!  But, wow, what a whirlwind of emotions I went through in that 24 hours.  You know, making the the cherry mousse b/c the first batch didn't come out and I wanted it to be perfect, the not sleeping the night before b/c of nervous energy, getting to the station 45 minutes early (yes, I was the first one there), sitting in a conference room listening to all the other cupcake makers be judges, wondering will they like mine just as much as the ones they are tasting now or am I a goner??, and then it's my turn (mine was the 10th cupcake they all had to try that morning)...I was nervous...they didn't ask any questions except what kind of cupcake were they eating...and, the reactions. deflation.  All that nervous energy and excitement was dashed in a matter of know, like when you pop a balloon and squeeze the air out of???  Yup, that was me.  This one had an aversion to cherries, that one doesn't like fruit in their cake, the one over there just couldn't take another bite of a cupcake, yadda yadda yadda...oh, but the cake was moist!!   Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha...moist cake...that's what I got out of it.  And so, I left, got in the car and drove away.  All the way home I kept thinking about how disappointed I was in the whole experience,you know??  I wanted to prove something with my know, like I make pretty good ones??  But, I guess only those radio people just weren't going to cooperate with my plan to win the money and take over as the Hudson Valley's Greatest Baker.  Oh well...I went, I tried and I walked away with my tail between my legs.  The best part of the whole experience was coming home to see my kiddies waiting in the driveway with their home-made signs:

(They were standing out of order which made it so much cuter and definitely put a tear in my eye...btw, Franny girl is just to the right in a stroller...she didn't make it into the pic)  This is what made it worth it.  Perhaps I've taught my kids a greater lesson in know, that you should go out there a try and it's ok if you fail...  ah, who am I sucks and K104 sucks and they shouldn't have had so many f'ing cupcakes on the same day and if you don't like certain flavors, than don't be judge...seriously you morons!!  whew, I feel a little better...ha hah a
And hey, at least I know that it wasn't like on American Idol when we all know the person singing just can't sing...but they truly believe they are like the bomb diggity and so does their trailer trash momma with no teeth and the baby daddy cheering you on thinking you can definitely sing and the judges don't know what they are talking about.  Right???  I really do make good cupcakes and you guys aren't just saying that and/or humoring me be bashing K104 now, are you?? 

Anyway- here are a few more pics:
 These were the pile-up of cupcakes...yeah, see mine in the back...the jerk barely licked it before he gave his educated opinion!!
 This guy was cool...very flamingly nice!!
This was the jerkwad DJ...yes, I've started cursing here, okay???  Jerks!!

That's all for this post...but don't worry, I've got more writing in me yet...look for another one...It's just been a great 'failingly' beautiful weekend...


  1. your baking and cupcakes rock! Screw 104!

  2. They didn't give them a fair shot so don't get discouraged!!!