Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, July 10, 2011

OUCH!!! I want those...

My nipples that is...yes, she's still biting and biting hard.  It feels like she could actual bit the nipple right off the boob!!!  Ummm, can you say a big OUCH!!!  And, she doesn't just bite nipples.  Nope...she bites any exposed skin she name it, she bites it.  Let's see, she's taken a bit out of the following: toes, heels, knees, inner thighs, palms, fingers, stomach, shoulder, inner arms...and, it all hurts.  She leaves marks.    And, when you pull her away and say sternly 'NO...that biting' she looks up at you and gives you this big shit-eating grin that is sooooooooo cute that it's hard to stay mad.  And, the NO doesn't seem to work.  As far as her biting my boobs, I take her off immediately and put her on the floor.  Let's just say she doesn't like that so I'm hoping she gets the point sooner rather than later.  Otherwise, she may be weaned sooner rather than later!!!

So, if you are holding Franny Girl or she happens to crawl near you and pull herself up...BEWARE of the BITE!!!  Consider yourself warned:)
oh...and she's started sucking on my stomach now...strange kid...

Max...on the starting to act out more and more these days.  I understand that he's still adjusting to DJ/Kyra being home, but how long is this adjustment period??  I am definitely ready for them to go back to school...I know summer will fly by and I will wonder where the time went...but I just can't stand the things Max is learning b/c of his older siblings.  Tonight, he was going to chop Franny in half and cook her up.  He goes from loving Franny to rolling things over her fingers intentionally.  He throws everything (at people too...not just throwing randomly), jumps off my couch constantly, cries immediately when I tell him no or 'yell' at him (my yelling these days is a dull roar and basically a stern voice...but to him, I am yelling at him), still screams when he doesn't get his way, takes 'his' toys away from Franny Girl, etc.  Terrible Toys just started and he'll be 3 years old in 2 weeks...ha ha they have a name for the Threes??  Thrashing Threes??   

Kyra- how do I love whining, let me count the way.  And when I call her on it and want her to leave the table, Daddy comes to the her the idea that if she breaks out and cries while daddy is there, she won't have to do what I tell her to do!!  I love parental undermining!!  If it was just me tonight, she would have cried but left the table like I asked her to and not looked up at daddy...

DJ- since we've got all the kids, might as well throw him out there too, right???  Somedays, I like to call him Mr. Sour Puss...he does love to stir up trouble and get Max into trouble.  I guess that's what big brothers are for??  But it sure is frustrating on the parental side to try and get him to 'do the right' thing when it comes to Max.  Other than that, he was pretty good this weekend...

And so, while I did absolutely  nothing but play pacifier to Franny Girl today (ok...did the dishes, made dinner and did some more dishes...but nothing else really) the following went on around me:
Franny bit everything in her path
Max fell down hysterically sobbing randomly throughout the day
Kyra punched DJ in the arm this morning and with an attitude blamed the punch on him...that was funny
Franny fell on her face a couple times...and sometimes rolled while falling and fell on her back
Max helped Franny 'learn' which pots and pans were his and which ones she could play
Kyra broke down and didn't eat her dinner b/c it had crumbs on it (home-made mac & cheese...who doesn't love that...Kyra apparently)
Max started getting out of his bed b/c he is starting to use stall tactics (smart kid says he has a poop when he really doesn't...he just knows that it's something we'll come upstairs for...)

Now, aren't you all jealous that you weren't here to experience it all.  Oh, and BTW, I am embarrassed to admit that we are back on the couch.  I get more sleep down here!!!  I know that I will have to put her in the crib and walk me, I know.  I just don't think I'm ready either!!!  I've never been this bonded with any of my other that wrong to say??  I don't know.  But, I do know what has to be done.  Admittedly, I'm choosing not to do it right now.  Okay???

Random thought- if you try to separate frozen hotdogs with a knife, don't wiggle it back and will most definitely break the tip off of the knife  (one of my favorite knives too..)

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