Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr. Bill, how do I love thee...

Let's talk money...and bills...and Me...  ok, now laugh really really hard...breathe...and here goes..

I have no money sense and I really suck with bills and paying them and/or sending stuff, let's all be greatful that I don't handle the majority of our money and how the bills get paid b/c we might not be living in our wonderfully money pitted house right now!!  I know, you all are shaking your heads at me thinking- girl, learn what's going on in the money world and what you have and don't have.  And I say, yeah yeah, I know...But hey, at least I am admitting that I have a problem.  I know, it's only 1 of many problems, but I have taken the FIRST STEP in the road to RECOVERY in many aspects of my just really never goes any further then step 1!!

I, also, tend to procrastinate...and say, I'll get to it but I never do get to it in time and I am always late.  For some reason, time just gets away from me.  I think about sending in that payment and say to myself, I really need to go through that stuff later (b/c I always think about this stuff while I'm out) but as soon as I get back into my house, I generally forget about this really important stuff and deal with the every day know, kids, meals, cleaning, dishes, cleaning kids, making kids clean, etc etc. 

And so, my newest challenge (come on, cheer me on in the hopes that I will keep this alive) is to figure out what we still owe the hospital (don't worry, it's only from Franny's birth...not any others...ha ha ha) and actually pay it!!!  Oh, and here's another for those damn school pictures (they did come out really cute), see about ordering recital videos from June and pay for them, and send in the soccer money that I already registered for. 

Now, this habit doesn't just take over my money habits and paying bills oozes into every aspect of my life.  I have every intention of sending you that gift I already purchased, put into a box, addressed the box and just don't mail it.  Those thank-you cards I make my children write out are still sitting on my island with all my other crap...just need to buy stamps and actually mail them.  Those CD/Movie clubs loved me...I just kept the stuff and eventually paid for it all (I have lots of CD's and Movies...yes VHS ones too, that have never been opened).  Those dishes you brought food over in are still sitting on the table waiting to give back to you (and yes, they are all clean...I just can't get it together to actually give it back)...

And so, the moral of this story is this- don't 'lend' me money, bring food in disposable containers and if I hand you a thank-you card instead of mailing it, be happy that you got one!!

OK- that's about all I have to say about that topic:)

Random thought of the day- I LOVE POLISH DANCING AND I AM A GEEK!!! 


  1. LOL....Dont forget to bring that push pop container's sitting right there! 8)


  2. It's ok Dawn... We all go thru an unorganized phase especially when you have 5 children to tend to. They are fed and entertained all day long, so what if mom doesn't get her school pic's yet or get to see the recital, I know some day I will.. You are a good person and not a geek, that's my role. They think I am a genius in my math class. Imagine that one:)