Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, July 1, 2011

Court and Mental Breakdowns...

Yes...I went to court last one (or 2) of thsoe little annoying tickets they give you for not having your current insurance card or not having your car inspected when it's know, stuff like that??  So, I went to the court on Monday afternoon to get rid of the 'not having your current insurance card handy' ticket and guess what???  The lady who does that stuff only works Monday morning (9-12) and Thursday evenings (5-6 and during court).  Well, guess I should just go to court then, right???  So, if you get caught in Florida with any of these infractions or need to see this court lady, go on Monday morning!!!

So, I went and they dismissed the one and gave me a fine for the other.  In and out in like 30 minutes.  Really??  So quick??  I was hoping to get in some good reading time while sitting there!!!  And, we all know if I had even just 1 kid, I would have been there for the entire 3-hr time they allot for court:) 

Now, on to that mental was a quick and dirty one...just had to cry a bit!!  We all know life is hard somedays and easy on others.  And sometimes, the hard days seem to pile on each other.  But, we also need to remember what we do have in our lives...right??  Finances suck and trying to work and make money while you have 4 kids is pretty tough...but we all do the best we can and make the best of it.  And so, hubby and I yelled a bit this morning...both out of frustration with the other b/c we both think the other doesn't realize where we are coming from.  And today, I cried a bit...couldn't help just came out!! 

What's that saying, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade??  Yup...I'm working on my recipe for that lemonade as we's just taking a couple trials and errors to get the right batch:)  You have to get the right lemons and/or add the right amount of sugar:)

OK...enough about me!!  Let's talk about how ingenious my kiddies can be sometimes!!  They drew a huge map in chalk outside on the walkway and stairs.  They drew NJ with Grandma/PopPops house on the dead-end street...than the long hi-way back to our house...the exit in chester and the road out...even drew one of their friends houses on the way.  And, there were 2 airports with little planes waiting in line to take-off...a taxi was on the hi-way, traffic in another part of NY, diggers doing construction, and some school buses out there.   Love it!!  So it only last about 30 minutes of time, I thought it was awesome that they came up with all of that stuff!!!

Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend:)

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