Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, July 10, 2011


How do I loathe hunting, let me count the ways...and it's not just that I can't stand the act of hunting.  I have no problem with it.  But, when it consumes someones existence (or so it seems to consume every moment of every day), I have a problem with it.

We don't have a garden this year.  Now, I know nothing about gardening and I don't really do that stuff.  But, hubby did get one planted last year and we did get a couple vegetables.  So, you think, we'll get one off the ground this year too, right??  He even knew where it was going to go and had a plan to get it going.  Guess didn't happen.  So, I have some tomato plants that need to be planted...anyone want them?? 
Do you want to know why I think we don't have our garden???  Let me tell you- every weekend when there was free time, he chose to go to his hunting spot to 'till' that ground and plant stuff there and put down weed killer...basically, he is taking care of his deer.  I'm glad they will be well fed with home grown food!!!  I guess I'm going to have to figure out what to do for next year??  I do love fresh veggies...especially tomatoes.  Maybe I should get one of those no-brainer topsy turvy tomato plants...perhaps I won't kill that!!

Let's talk Deer Shows- yes, they are back on in full swing now.  And, he absolutely needs to sit and watch them every weekend and every night.  We downgraded our cable and got rid of DVR but for some reason, this channel remains.  Really???  I guess it's good that we don't have the DVR though...b/c then he would watch them all year round!!

Did you know we aren't even in hunting season yet???  Did you also know that he claims hunting season is only a short period of time during the year??  But, he constantly thinks about it and tries to get out to where he hunts to hook up a camera, till his earth, and whatever else it is he does there!!!

Let's talk Venison...he thinks that the meat is a great thing for us to have.  Too bad I don't really like it and it tends to sit in the bottom of our freezer all year. 

This really didn't bother me when we first met and got married.  But, the more kids we had and the more weekend things we have, the more it gets on my nerves.  And than he gets annoyed if I have to work or find extra work on weekends when it's during hunting season...really???  He uses some of his vacation time to go hunt during the week and some years he's been known to go away for 10 days.  Even with this, he still feels the need to go every single weekend!! 

I'm so not looking forward to real hunting season this year!!  Can you tell??

Random thought of the morning- It's ok to leave your dishes for the next day...even though you don't want to see them when you wake up!!  lol

Have a Great Day!!

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  1. mommy'smommyJuly 10, 2011 at 1:09 PM

    Topsy turvy doesn't work... Just a little fyi. some day he will realize that the kids are grown and out the door, then say"Dawn," where did everyone go... Then you can say they grew up and moved out while you were hunting...