Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rough Waters...

Ha ha's rough around here.  Franny Girl just won't sleep longer than 2 hour stretches and I think something is bothering her again.  She's just not her 100% happy go lucky girl.  Don't get me wrong, she's still smily and happy...just not as happy and smily as she normally is.  Wonder if it's the ear again...or thinking it's her stomach...she's been devouring more and more real people food that perhaps her little stomach is trying to adjust??  And she has gas and stuff...  And so, yes, she wound up in the recliner chair with me again last night.  Thinking of couching it tonight b/c I sleep better there and can actually lay body hurts from the recliner:(
 Above is happy Franny...below is miserable Franny (check out the eyes...and this is after a nap)

 This is Kyra after a full day at a pool party...sleep over...and beach time...think she's tired???

Took the kiddies Polish Dancing tonight...I know, they were completely and utterly exhausted from the beach today but I just went with it...they did the motions but that's about it...think we should skip the beach on these nights???  Max got into the swing of things too!!! 

And now I must try and sleep...b/c I have no idea when she's gonna wake again.  Could be 5 minutes...could be 2 hours...nobody knows:(  Actually, I think she can smell the air leave the room...meaning, as my scent leaves, she knows it and waits like a nanosecond and starts crying again...


  1. mommy'smommyJuly 7, 2011 at 6:48 AM

    Maybe doctor time. Let her get checked out...

  2. oh no, I hope frannie gal is ok...let me know if we need to cancel for tomorrow...