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Holiday pic

Monday, July 18, 2011

What Parents Should Stock Up On...(a fun one)

Things to start stocking up on once you have kids:

Are you expecting??  Do you have kids??  Do you want to know some good things to have in your house in case you will be expecting little 2 legged critters in your home??  Here is a list of some things you should begin to hoard  or just keep on hand:

1. Batteries   AA are the most common kind so keep an endless supply of these kind    If you receive a toy that requires another type of battery and the gift giver did not supply said batteries, don’t open…simply re-wrap and give to an unsuspecting familyJ (they can also be used for most adult toys…love AA battery operated thingsJ

2. Wipes:  yes, just keep buying them because you will always need them…even when your kids are out of diapers.  You can use them to make the little critters wash walls and/or floors!!  You can also use them to wipe your kitchen table.  And of course, wipe their sticky hands/faces with them but think about it…there are so many other possibilities for using wipes!!  Wipe the public toilet down with them!!  And, if you don’t have a ‘wipe’ container, throw some in a zip loc baggie and carry them around with you!!

3.  Sponges and rubberbands:  these come in handy during the crawling years…you can put the sponges on the knees, attached with the rubberbands…if you have more than 1 kids, attach some paper towels to the next kid and they can dry the floor as they crawl after the first (ha ha ha)

4. PATIENCE:  Yes, you will need every ounce of patience you can muster up and than a whole lot more…and than you will lose it.  And, the more kids you have and the less sleep you get will drain that supply quicker than normal…so stock up if you can.  And, you won’t just need this for the kiddies…in-laws and ‘rents get worse when you have kids!!!

5. Napkins: I would say buy some stock in napkins too b/c you will go through them so fast you will think your children are eating them…seriously!!  I don’t know where they all go but I guess I should start looking at the output??  EWWWWWWWW

6. Bandaids:  Um, yeah, you’ll definitely need these.  And, sometimes, you will need to apply one even if there is no blood…yes, it is just easier to give them a bandaid than to argue as to why they don’t need one…trust me…just put it on!!

7. Balls: Yup, even you mommies out there need to grow a set so that you can stick up for your kiddies…and there will come a time where you will want to stand up and let it be known that you’re kid is AWESOME, even if someone else doesn’t!!!

8. Socks:  put them everywhere…in your purse, car, diaper bag, etc.  b/c you just never know when you will need them…and you will always lose them somewhere so it’s always handy to have an extra pair.  And you never know when you will be stopping by a McDonalds Playland!!

9.Drugs:  no, not those drugs silly…the kid kind of drugs.  Tylenol, Motrin (must have both so that you can alternate during feverish episodes), gas drops (a must for newbies), vapor crap for babies that can’t take meds, cough medicine for big kids (dad’s too.. mine is my 5th child) etc.  You will always need this stuff so always have it in your cabinet.  Oh, and always bring it with you on long trips b/c you never know when you will need it.  I have a portable first aid kit that I made and we carry this along for every long road trip.  My philosophy is- if you don’t have it, you will need it…if you have it, you won’t need it!!

10. Wine:  well, that’s my stocked up stuff…but you may want to make sure you have some whiskey or spiced rum or beer or whatever you drink on hand.  And then, have back-ups of something else you like to drink.   This way, when you just want to grab a drink after a LONG day, you will always have it!! 

11. Cloth diapers:  but, don’t use them as diapers silly.  Use them as burp cloths.  And than, keep them around b/c they come in handy for spills with the big kids…and yes, they spill.  A LOT!!!

12. Ear plugs…for the screams and yelling (trust me…even out of the infant stage you will still want ear plugs…)

13. Diapers...yes, just keep buying them b/c you will always need them.  Size 5 works for us and my kids are always in this size...just think- my 9 mos old and my almost 3 yr old are both wearing size 5's!!

Ok, I think that’s it for now…I’m sure there are other really important things for you to keep in mind.  You know, like safety locks and stuff…but, keep these items handy and you’ll do well!! 


  1. #4 so I don't like this one as I am one of those "rents". I thought I was good and not bothered you that much...I'm sorry you have to have the patience for me:(

  2. I have to say that I laughed at the band aid thing. I am ALWAYS 'wasting" band aids just to cure a lack of attention!!! God forbid one is hurt and not the other. You would think they would be grateful!!! =)

  3. Just posted a blog post linking back to this post...I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for sharing...

  4. Yes! Wine! Wine is my number one survival comes in at #2. Of course, now that I'm pregnant with baby#3, the wine thing is not working for me. Sigh...

  5. I love #7! Lol! That is so true!

  6. Mommysmommy - i wouldn't take it all personal, and know that everyone art one point or another gets on someone's nerves. we're all human, it's only to be expected.

    that said - this is funny 9and a tiny bit true!) esp with the dad/husband being a kid right along with the kids - LOL. And i don't drink alcohol usually, but coffee would be in my personal survival kit!