Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time Flies...

So, I got up an hour and a half ago to see what I could accomplish tonight that wasn't too  noisy and wouldn't wake Franny Girl up...ha ha ha...time sure does fly when you're having fun:)  We are having a Bugaliscious Birthday Bash for my 3 year old tomorrow.  Nothing big...but I did buy some crafty things for the kiddies to do and wanted to make it all look cohesive so that it doesn't just seem like a 'playdate'...even if that's what it is...

My house isn't the, I need to set-up stuff outside for tomorrow...I will most definitely be putting the older kids to work in the morning b/c hubby will be at work.  But, I got the craft table stuff together, put out the 'candy' stuff, figured out what the chips/pretzels will go in, made the ckn/tuna salad for the moms, and I think that's it.  When you write it out, it doesn't seem like a lot, does it...ha ha

Here's my to-do list for the AM:  make buttercream frosting (yeah, I know, should have just bought the damn pre-made crap for tomorrow...but I didn't), frost and decorate the cake, clean table, sweep, set up extra table outside, wipe off tables outside, fill a bucket with water for water guns, set-up slip and slide, blow up pool for Franny, make pb&j sandwiches for kiddies, slice tomatoes/lettuce for moms, set up bubble stuff (maybe), wipe down bathroom surfaces, ummmmm, I can't think of anything else.  I know, you are all thinking, why didn't I do any of that today???  Oh, let me tell you I really do have all the time in the world...I just choose to sit around on my ass eating bon bons all day and playing computer games!!!  No, seriously, I don't do anything at all.  OK...I do stuff...and we had a lot going on, we will run around tomorrow morning looking like chickens with our heads cut off (yes, I will be forcing the childhood slavery issue tomorrow and making the older kiddies help out so they, too, will be just like me)...but, it's not a big deal if most of this stuff doesn't get done 100 % and/or on time.  Why, you ask...b/c everyone coming is a friend and doesn't care...the kids will have fun and that's all that matters.  And, Max will think this is his special day no matter what my house looks like!!!

Gym-  Yeah...I went back to the gym today!!  Now, I just have to keep it up.  Took a Pilates class...good class...lots of ball crap that I couldnt' really do...but I tried.  My abs and stomach area need A LOT of work...he he he

Random thought- you resent things and/or people??  How do you get over it??

Go ahead MOm- spell check me...I dare you...(it's 1AM and I am one-handedly writing this...)  sing that song: Give it to me Baby...ah ah ah ah... Love you!!


  1. enjoy the party!!!

  2. Can't wait to be BUGGED OUT today!

    Resentment...hmm....thoughts....I dont think I resent anyone, but I do hold grudges (mostly with family)....I think I might resent people who come to our home as guests (whether playdate or party) and then have the audacity to talk bad behind our backs in a negative way...I put SO much positive energy out there into the world and help out EVERYONE I can in ANYWAY I can. WOW, off the soapbox now!