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Holiday pic

Monday, July 18, 2011


I watched a movie last night about Cyber-bullying on Family Channel...anyone else catch it?? disturbing and am I not looking forward to my children entering the cyber-world!!  So, not only do I have to worry about my kids with 'in-person' bullies, we will now have to worry about the computer.  And, at what age is it appropriate for them to join social networks??  They have them for kids,you know...Club Penguin by Disney is one...anyone have any experience with this one??  What age did you start you kids on it if you did??  Would you let your kids join and monitor it??  This could actually be a learning tool as to how to communicate with your friends on-line...but I'm sure there are parents out there who sign their kids up and just let them go...with limited or no supervision.  Those are the kids I worry about.

And, let's talk Facebook.  What age would you let your kids join??  I really can't stand it when my friends kids try and friend me on Facebook...these are kids that are like 10...what are they doing on this social network anyway??  Being 'friends' with a younger crew would force you to limit what you post, right??  I am 'friends' with my MIL and I find myself editing some stuff...just in case, you know?

Bullying happens all the time and at all ages.  My FIL is a 'bully' to my MIL...and that sucks.  Kids are bullied on the bus, playground and lunchroom.  Kids can be soooo mean to each other...why??  Where does it come from??  OK, so I know it most likely comes from their family environment and the way they are treated...but, do we really need to put down others just to make ourselves feel better??

I guess I would say, start now with an open communication with your kids.  Take time to get to know them (all of their moods) so that you can figure out if there really is a problem.  Talk to them!!  And if you can't connect to them, find another trustworthy adult that they might be able to open up to. 

I know kids can be mean to each other...not just in a 'bullying' way.  But, we can only hope that we lay down the canvas for them to learn what not to do and what to do when there is a problem!!

I found this great page about bullying in case you want more info:

On another note, here is my very random thought of the day:  How in the world does one get a pimple on your knee...ouch!!


  1. Bren wanted to watch that - but as soon as I saw it was about girls I knew what words were coming and did NOT want to explain those yet!!! so glad he is so into ANTI bullying!!!! and as always I agree with you on all counts...pimple on the knee??? not sure about that one babe!!!!

  2. Might be an ingrown hair...

  3. I wouldn't let my kids join a social network until they are probably old enough to make their own decisions..also..most websites except are blocked on their computer. Only games allowed, no chats, no Xbox Live etc etc. - Amela