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Holiday pic

Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 Year Old Boys

Do you have one??  Are you gonna have one eventually??  Or, have you already had one??  Either way, an 8 year old boy is a strange breed of people and one I just can't seem to understand sometimes.  Though, today, I think I got him.  I guess I'll take 1 day...ha ha ha

My 8 year old son is a high energy, fun loving, instigating kinda kid.  Somedays he can't seem to keep his body still.  Imagine a ping pong ball that is in constant motion bouncing from wall to floor to wall to ceiling, etc.  That's my boy.  Today, he was completely the opposite!!  Tired, cranky and slightly sunburned.  I think I finally wore him out...But today, I seemed to know exactly what he needed and he seemed to respond well to everything I did for him.  How does that happen??  I'm not sure but we all needed to spend some time apart today and recuperate a little from yesterday!!  Too much sun for all of us.  And not enough sleep for some of us:)

And so, we look for tomorrow where 2 of DJ's friends will be coming over b/c we are hosting a Boys Only Book Club!!  In trying to keep my son reading, and hoping he would be able to understand and grasp the words on the page, we (or should I say I) decided to invite a few of his friends over to 'discuss' the book, eat a snack and play a little.  They have all read Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker by Megan McDonald.  DJ liked the character and that is the book he was already reading, so that's why we chose it.  Thought it would be a fun book for the boys to talk about too!!

I foolishly let the book out of my hands tonight so I can't really find the idioms that I want the boys to know...let's hope they can think of them!!  ha ha ha (perhaps I should have read the book too...or, perhaps it will be a good thing that I didn't read it)  Thinking of making rice krispee balls for them to decorate as their own jawbreakers (and perhaps they can name it when they are done..ha ha)  And, they will all leave with their very own (real) jawbreaker!!

So, wish me luck with my 8 year old Boys tomorrow (and here's hoping the 7 yr old daughter of mine isn't too jealous...or whiny when they are here)

Random thought (I know, I've forgotten this one lately): Don't take things for granted for you never know when they will no longer be there!!

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  1. 8 year old boys ARE odd - but so much fun and pretty stinkin' cool too!!!! (although I still say they have PMS!!!!)