Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Poop... read correctly, I said POOP!!!  You know what it means, right???  Well, there are several ways to use this word:

The man stood on the Poop deck.
Gosh, I sure am pooped.
I got all the poop about the office party from my co-worker.
Don't be a pooper (party pooper that is).
You are a nincomPoop...idiot!!
Oh, I think I have to poop...

So, with all these ways to use this word, why is it that we all are embarrassed to use it???  Especially when we are talking about the Poop that leaves our body.  It's a natural thing, right??  And we all do it, don't we??  It's like sex or something...a taboo subject that people (well, most people) just don't discuss with each other.

Now, kids on the other hand, are excited about Poop!!  They love it and love to talk to you about what kind of poop they are having and/or how long it is this time and how much of it there is.  ha ha ha...yeah, we love kids, don't we??  If you don't have kids, you might freak out by conversations including me and just ask my  Yes, we were discussing poop with my then 5yr old in the middle of a Pub in Ireland (we were the only people in this pub at the time) and my bro freaked out b/c we were discussing poop with, I know, he will most likely have many discussions with his daughter regarding this subject matter.

So, let's talk about Poop...and what kind of day you're having.  My kids have been having very poopy days...though DJ was having a day of no poop yesterday, I think he's back on track today.  And who's to say what's regular and what's not??  Long, short, messy, airy, watery, hard, too much or nonexistant...we all have it!! 

There should be a book called Poopiliscious...ha ha ha (that's our nickname for Franny Girl some days...)
I found this link that I thought was kinda fun...enjoy...or not...but, yes, I just talked poop...
Go get your poop on!!  And, from my experience, if you are having trouble with it, just walk into a Shop-rite or like a charm!!  Must be the lighting or something that triggers the Poop:)

Have great night!!

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