Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth...

Hello All...hope you had a great holiday weekend and are ready to get back to the grind tomorrow...ha ha ha.  I know that I am soooooooooo ready for hubby to go back to work!!! Last week he only went to work 1 day...ahhhhhhhhhhhh...he's sometimes worse than the kiddies!!

So, in honor of our country's birthday today, we made waffles with red/white/blue sprinkles in them...topped with ice-cream...and more sprinkles.  Yup...that's as good as it gets in this house.  I don't know how some of you have the time and/or energy to do the amazing things you do!!!  I guess also that my time management skills kinda suck and I do leave everything until the last minute (but it does always get done).  And so, that was my attempt to try and do something for today.  We had no plans...weren't going anywhere...and all my cleaning was done!!  Here are some pics of our waffle making expedition (yes, I had all 4 kiddies in the kitchen trying to help)
 me and the whole gang
 my little helpers
 before we closed the lid...and the spring exploded off of my machine today, so we had our own little 'firework' in the kitchen...just not as fun:)
 The final outcome!!  Great for breakfast, right??

And yes, Franny Girl ate some waffle too!!

Speaking of Franny Girl...let's talk cribbing and eating, shall we??  So, last night was horrific with the crib.  Put her in, 5 minutes later she started crying...put her back in, 5 minutes she started crying, etc etc etc.  So, how many times after 2AM would you keep going in there or are you just done with this and let her start crying??  And do I go in and try to calm her down first and than put her right back in??  She doesn't seem to calm down very easily and when I pick her up she still doesn't calm down very easily.  I've definitely created the monster that she is...and all she seems to want when I get her is my boob!!  Yup,  that's what works.  So, now what??  Cut the boob off??  Seriously, that last kid I had to deal with this issue was DJ and that was 8 years ago...and he was the only kid so I didn't have to worry about the rest of the family.  And, when I did choose to let him 'cry it out', Doug was away on a hunting, I wasn't keeping him awake either.  She's in the crib right now...just not sure for how long she will sleep.  And, I think she's teething and perhaps that damn ear infection is back b/c she's just not 100%.  And, she just breaks my heart every time she cries.  I'm a sucker with this one...

Since we're already talking about Franny...let's talk food...and what she eats or doesn't eat these days.  Again, I just don't know how much is enough, not enough, yadda yadda yadda...I mean, she didn't follow the traditional route of baby food...doesn't like yogurt or apple sauce...won't eat know, the usual stuff you start them with (or at least, the usual stuff I started my kids with).  She only likes the hard stuff (yeah, I know, just like her but how many foods out there are 'hard' and healthy for her??  She won't eat the apple bits (that's hard)... she has this wonderful technique of spitting the food out of her mouth if she doesn't like it...usually ends up across her tray and/or onto the floor!!  It's like a missile coming out of her mouth!!  She will eat carrots and green, do I just give her those every day??  Continue to give her stuff for trying, right??  Some days she'll eat the cheese and some days she won't...same with scrambled eggs and chicken and pasta.  You'd think I would know what to do being that she's the 4th...but she's displaying symptoms of fourth child-dom and she's the first!!  ha ha ha

OK...gonna call it a night...perhaps I  should try and get a nap in before she decides to wake up every 5-10 minutes tonight...oh, and did I mention that she doesn't nap either??  I don't consider a nap on the way to the store a real nap either!! 

Track for the big kids tomorrow!!  Yeah:)  Let's get some of their energy out!!

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