Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Yoga to Boys Suits...

Wowzer...what a day!!  Drove the kids to school this morning and than went to a Yoga class.  Definitely needed the class but are there classes out there for the full figured woman??  I felt totally fat and huge when I looked into the mirror in the class...I thought I looked really good before I left the house...Do they make the mirrors in gyms make you look fatter so that you keep going back??  Besides that, I couldn't lay flat on my belly b/c my boobs are HUGE.  And, aren't you supposed to find like your inner zen or something??  How am I really supposed to focus when the childcare area is right down the stairs and you could hear babies crying and all I could think of was Franny Girl and is she ok down there or is that her crying even though it sounded nothing like her cry.  Or, did some other kid smother her b/c she's so darn cute and they don't have a little sister to smother at home??  I knew Max would be ok b/c he's a sociable kid but I just wasn't sure about my Franny Girl!!  So, as I breathed in and blew out my 'ocean' breath, I kept waiting for someone to come and get me...but, no one did and I finished the class.  Now, it was great that the instructor came around and 'massaged' our heads but I sure hope she was gonna wash her hands after touching my dirty nasty hair...yup, I really need a good hair cleaning!!

Now, fast forward to after school where we take all 4 kids to the tailor to get DJ's pants hemmed...ha!!  The size 8 suit I bought him in the throes of meltdowns last week in Jersey is huge on the skinny little runt!!  They told me it would cost about 60 bucks to take in the waist and than another 17 for the hem...and the suit only cost like $40...really??  He's 8...So, we decide that I should go back and try and find something that fits him better...ha ha ha...keep laughing...I wait until my husband gets home, which is after 7pm, so that I can just take DJ and not all 4 kids...wise choice, I think..We hit Burlington Coat Factory, than Kohls, than Macy's, Penny's, H&M, some suit place, and Sears...nada that would actually fit the little sucker!!  I think every child making their communnion next week needs size 8slim b/c there were none to be found...So, we did the next best thing and bought the size 7.  Now, DJ is a dawdler and let me tell you that he definitely dawdled about 10-15 feet behind me...I think I ran a suit marathon tonight.  But, I did buy him an ice-cream before we left the mall and he did make it to bed before 10pm tonight!!  Oh, yeah, and he chose to wear flip flops tonight b/c it was 'hot' outside and of course after 5 minutes of being in the first store they hurt his feet.  So, after we left Kohls, he was shoeless and chasing me around the mall!!
Here's the size 7:
The jacket doesn't button all the way and the pants are a tad short...too small, right?? I guess you can't really tell from the pic..

And than the size 8...jacket fits great but the pants are way too big in the waist and in the length.  Oh, what to do what to do...I think we'll slap a belt on him and hem the 8's and be done with it!! 
Oh, yeah, and of course I left my phone at the house...hubby was probably wondering where his wife was and what was taking too long!!  LOL

OK- so one more thing about today: Do not say the 'F' word around Max as he will repeat it!! I don't really swear that much...But at least he isn't walking across the little bitches (bridges) with his big dicks (sticks) while outside!!  I love that kid!!!

Oh, yeah, and let's not forget the fact that the shower curtain, rod and all, came crashing down on my head as I was about to give baths tonight!!

So, here's to my glass of wine and some sleep tonight!!

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  1. I will check the stores down here for size 8 slim.. Will let you know tomorrow. I have a dr. appointment so will check after that.