Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Monday, April 25, 2011

Funkadelic State...More Sleep Please!!

Today was a weird day for us.  School was back in session and Daddy went back to work.  YEAH!!  The whole dynamic changes in this house when the 2 older + daddy are home.  Today, I think, the remaining 3 left at home had a day of recuperation!!  Francesca not only slept 6 hours last night, but she than took a 2 hour nap this morning...totally unheard of!!  And Max would not get off of me this morning...some days, I think he thinks he is still part of me (watch out Anareca...that's Francesca to the rest of us)

Our goal today was to go to BJ's...we made it there but it took us until about 1pm this afternoon to actually's tired today!!  And, we bought too much stuff so I had to pull 2 carts out of the store...BUT, Franny girl can sit up next to Max in the cart..ha ha...I didn't remember that she could sit up until we were checking out so I wore her on my chest until I realized that I was going to need the extra cart.  And, I want to know why everything doesn't fit back into the cart after you pay for it???  If it all went in there at one point, shouldn't it all go back in???  Just sayin'..

Both kids fall asleep in car on way home...but of course, one child feels the need to wake them both up immediately upon getting into the car after the bus...yup, I do love that girl of mine but I think her ears just don't know how to hear my voice anymore.  It's like she's immune to the sound of my voice and her standard excuse is that she didn't hear me.  Even when I am looking at her and she is looking directly at me and I ask her if she understands and she says yes...but, she didn't hear me.  Go figure!!

Oh, and the baseball game tonight was quite painful!!  Too long and wacky coaches on the other team.  And there is one parent who is constantly telling me what my children are doing and what I should do with them...very annoying!!  You should check out her kid!!  It was nice and buggy out there too...I hate coming home feeling sticky from the bug spray and itchy b/c I think the bugs are still there...Yuck!!

Sleeping tonight- here's hoping for 6 hours again, though I would love more!!  If we get the full 6, I will be awake at 4 and than I will fall asleep while nursing and than she will sleep the rest of the night either on my chest or in my arms (yes, I am too tired and lazy at that time of morning to get back up and put her back on her own...)

Peace Out:)  Going to pass out or do the head nod while sitting here!!

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