Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How low can you go??

Today was supposed to be a Great Day!!  But, alas, it wasn't even close.  Today, my kids were supposed to go into the greatest musuem and see the biggest dinosaur bones.  But, they didn't.  Today, we were going to mesh as a family and all get along and listen and be on our best behavior.  But, that didn't happen either.  Today was a disaster., big, rainy, crappy day.
I guess I should have known not to attempt to go to a really big musuem during spring break and on a rainy day...but, we all make mistakes, right??  We made it into the city, no problem.  We eventually found a spot on the road (and even got my very own NYC ticket to show for it).  It had even kinda stopped raining so we could walk to the musuem...ha ha ha.  We get to the museum and there is a really long line just to get in the doors (like, around the block).  And, to all you stroller people out there, there are lots of stairs to go up and revolving doors to get through, so don't even bother setting it up if you can hold off.  And, this is NY, people, so don't expect anyone to stop and help you because they are all glad you need to go off to the side to take all your bags out of the stroller, fold the stroller up, and than try to coral the kids back into the really long line.  Did I mention that I also had a baby strapped to my chest...go on, picture can laugh at my expense.  I have already laughed about it... And than, try to get 3 kids plus the stroller, 2 bags, yourself with a baby on your chest through those revolving doors...yup, still laughing.  I think I almost had a melt down then and there...but, I didn't and on we went.  We made it as far as the lobby.  The kids saw a really big dinosaur, I took it's picture and we left.  Can you say, Mob Scene??  So, with a hungry baby, hungry kids, and a momma that needs to pee really bad, we walked back to the car (at least we did get some help on the way out and back to the see, I'm not that insane to bring 4 kids into the city by myself).  And, yup, that's when we saw the ticket...oooooops....probably should have just parked in a garage as it would have been cheaper.

So, disappointed kids and all, we went to lunch on the way home (this was not so bad).  When I say, not so bad, I mean the 2 yr old wouldn't sit still, the 6 mos old didn't want to sit in the car seat and the 2 older ones don't really have great manners.  Oy vay...I felt like such a failure as a mother while there that all I could do was laugh at myself.  And I know that the waitstaff was going to gossip about us when we left b/c I used to do that when families left with kids like mine.  I guess it all comes back to us in the long run, right?? 
Ha...and than I really tortured myself and decided to stop for to shop for a suit for the 8 yr old.  Now, that was the most fun of the day!!  REallyy....NOT!!  I really don't think sometimes, you know.  The 2 yr old kept disappearing and I kept having to put him back in the stroller so that he would scream his head off (yup, that was my child today)...the 8 yr old would 'chase' the 2 yr old when he wasn't in the stroller, claiming he was just trying to get him.  Yeah, okay...and the 6 yr old was 'trying' on every shoe possible with the hope that I would get her a pair...NOT!!  I think I was shaking when we left and I still believe that NJ people are not the nicest (sorry to all you Jersey people out there but they were really rude in there).  On a positive note, I got a suit and shirt for the 8 yr old, matching dresses for the 2 girls, and a suit for the 2 yr old for 100 bucks.  Not bad.
So, here's to a quiet night at our house...ha ha ha...and here's to the baby actually sleeping tonight (did I mention she barely slept while we were out???  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh)


  1. YOur too funny!!!! Did you have anybody with you? As in another adult, or maybe a teenager. Teenagers are great for this kind of thing. Pay for them and you get another set of arms free. I'm not saying by the hour either. I mean, admission, food, the expense kind of things. You would be surprised to know that some kids haven't had the opportunity to do many things such as museum trips, beach trips, etc. Some jump at the opportunity just to get away from their own parents. LOL! Keep it coming! As a mother I can definitely related. Can't say I would want to go back when my own were that age but yes, I remember! Life is quite the adventure when you have kids!

  2. I have to agree with Leah. Teenagers have saved my neck and my sanity! Handleing two children under 4 and is enough for me. I always go places with a friend and her two kids as well. We each take a teen and pay their way for the day. Zoo trips, the Big Museum, (lol) Water parks, train rides, you name it. We even paid for the teenager to come to Florida for a Disney trip once and we only had one kid at the time! There is never an inimportant day when you have kids!

  3. Where does one find these teenagers that don't want you to pay them...just to pay for their way??? Sounds like a great idea and I totally would have paid for their way into the museum just to have an extra set of hands!!