Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Okay, so my day today wasn't as bad as yesterday, but I am still doubting my skills as a parent.  My eldest son really is a rude child and has no manners.  How did he become this way and did I do something to make him that way??  He has this need to be first in everything that he does and that includes running to the door and barging through it w/o waiting for the rest of us and not caring if it hits us as we try to get through.  So, how do I stop that behavior and set him straight??
And, my youngest son (the 2 yr old), well, I guess we could just say he's 2 and go with that but he really is starting to think he can have whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  I think he has cried and broken down about 100 times each day this week.  My patience is wearing down with him and I need to stop that behavior too.
The other male child in the house seems to be my husband.  Sorry to say, but he is my 1st child.  I read about other people's husbands and how great they are and how much they help around the house and how sweet they are and blah blah blah...seriously??  Are there really men out there like that??  Mine seems to think that he works all day and that's all he should have to do.  I don't actually work in his eyes, so what's the problem in getting things done around the house???  I'll let those other moms out there stone him anytime!! 

Now, I know the females in this house are not always perfect...but we're pretty damn close (he he he).  Except of course the 6 going on 16 girl...but we'll tackle that topic another time...
And, the other little lady (or should I say, non sleeping little lady) is just perfect and is currently sleeping in the pack n play...she slept a total of 20 minutes all I'm hoping (knock on wood) that she'll sleep over there in the pack n play for awhile!! 

That's it...I'm tired.

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