Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family and Holidays..

OK, so today, we had to go to a birthday party...Not just any birthday party, but a pool party at the YMCA for my nephew.  I was totally dreading going to this party...had no desire to even think about putting on a bathing suit...and really had no idea what the kids would even do.  Oh yeah, swim...duh!!  I tried to think of every imaginable reason why not to go...but alas, it was family and that's what we should do, right??  So, we went and the kids swam and jumped and splashed and it wasn't that bad.  Now, if only we can try and get out of the house with less screaming, yelling, mad dashing and running (yes, it took us 2 hours to get all of us dressed and ready to go)...ha ha ha
Now, what truly irks me is that this party came first becuase they were family.  At least, family comes first to my husband and myself.  It doesn't matter that we could have gone elsewhere today and it doesn't matter that this very family would have skipped any of our kids birthdays in order to attend the SIL friends stuff.  Family should always come first whether we like them or not...right???
Speaking of family...let's talk holidays shall we??  Tomorrow is Easter and we are having dinner at our house.  I am one of those who invites everyone because it is a holiday and we should all be together for holidays, right??  But, alas (yes, I use that word a lot when writing), some 'family' do not agree with this.  And why would it really be necessary for me to give out the 'guest' list in order to get an answer from someone as to whether or not they are coming.  Shouldn't it be enough that I asked and you have no where else to go and we want to see you??  Can't we all put aside our feelings for one day and get along.  I guess not...some people just don't or can't seem to grow up and get on with it.  I still don't know if some are coming...and we still think some will cancel b/c of who else is coming...Really??  So, when I have my kids b-day parties, should my kids be punished b/c the adults can't be adults??  I'm just sayin'... OK, that's all I have to say about that!!
Let's discuss my husband...always a fun subject:)  I love when I host holidays and I always expect that it will be different...thinking, I will get everything done at night and I will not scramble in the morning.  But, here we are at 1:30am and I still have stuff to do.  My husband has done 'his part' and is sleeping soundly upstairs.  His philosophy is to do everything the day of while mine is to get as much done the night before as I can...hence, the disagreement every holiday/party.  So, tomorrow we will scramble and yell and get mad and than we will eat, drink and be merry!! 
So, Happy Easter to everyone and I hope your 'traditions' live on as I know my will:)
PS- let's hope for Franny Girl to sleep and sleep and sleep...he he he

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  1. Happy easter my friend! We missed ya yesterday! I pray you got some sleep and that your holiday today is calm! Keep Calm and Cook On!

    Love to you!