Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm sorry Mommy...

Yes, all children have the need to say they're sorry (I hope they do anyway).  They just don't always know how to or they all have a completely different way of saying it. 
My Max (the 2 year old) wears his heart and his feelings on his sleeve.  He takes everything personally and will cry at the first sign of you being mad or angry.  He also gets upset when you tell him NO...but, he is very quick to come back and say he's sorry and that he loves you and please don't be mad at him anymore all while holding your face so that you are looking in his face.  And than he proceeds to give you kisses and hugs.  So, really, how long can you stay mad at that???  Not long at all...and he always makes you smile!!
On the other hand, My DJ (the 8 year old) has never been one to show his feelings willingly.  When he's angry or sad or upset, you definitely know it b/c he has a chip on his shoulder, stamps his feet and slumps his shoulders.  And, he doesn't willingly admit that he's sorry for anything.  But, this morning he did something I don't ever remember him doing...he apologized to me for being 'rotten' this week.  And I don't mean he came up to me and said 'Mom, I'm sorry for doing blah blah blah'...because, as I've said, he's not one for words.  But, he slept late (something he rarely does) and when he woke up he sought me out, sat on my lap and snuggled.  Wow...what an awesome feeling that was and how lucky I am to have him for my first born!!  Even though he frustrates me to no end, I know that he really is a great little boy with a big heart...and that he's still learning how to use that heart!!
What a beautiful start to my day, right??  Because after that everything went to hell in a hand basket (you'll have to fogive me when I get these sayings wrong...I don't always know the exact words so you can all get a good laugh in when it's wrong).  At one point today, I was the woman in the Calgon commercial just zoning out while one child was screaming bloody murder b/c I'd put her down in the pack n play, the other child was wimpering in my arms demanding my undivided attention, one child was going through all her craft things to try and figure out what she could do (all while dropping everything on the floor) and the other child was MIA.  But, we all survived the day and I even got a shower in...even though there was lots of crying and kids coming in/out of bathroom while I was in had to be done.  You know, when you have to work in the public eye, it pays to have a shower first!!  I was thankful for the few hours I got to go to work today...but I was also thankful to come home and see my kids:)
OK- gotta go finish making cake pops now!!

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  1. Laughing and crying at this post...all at the same time...oh how we have all been there momma! HUGS!