Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleeping update... Franny girl and I are still sleeping downstairs...but, she has been taking some sleep breaks over there in her pack n play...whew!!  My back really kills in the morning when she won't sleep by herself.  Last night we got 6 hours straight.  Probably speaking too soon, but she's over there now...shhhhhhhh...let's hope we get some sleep tonight.  I'm hoping that once we get her used to this, we can than move her into her crib and I can start sleeping on my  nice comfortable bed!!!

On another note, we had a Great Day today!!  Well, except for the continuous crying from my Max.  I think he is so out of his routine this week with the older 2 kids home.  He is definitely feeling it and has this need to want more attention out of all of us.  Today, I made him rest in my bed (yes, even the 2 year old gets more time in my bed than I do) just so he could get away from the others and I was secretly hoping for a nap.  Well, there was some quiet in the house but there definitely was not napping going on.  I just don't breed sleepers...

Easter Egg hunt was awesome this morning!!  Kids had a blast and there were not major meltdowns or fights.  Whew...and, I got a new 'punishment' exercise for the getting together with other moms and chatting...especially when these moms are also honest about stuff like you are.  So, thanks for the ideas!!  We will definitely be writing out "I will not be annoying" lots of times (lol)

Tomorrow, pool party at the YMCA down in Jersey...really, who has a pool party at the Y and the day before Easter...Oh yeah, my SIL:(  ugh...b/c I don't have to clean my house, rearrange furniture and prep food or anything.  Uggggghhhhhhh

Later...gonna get some sleep before my beautiful baby wakes up:)

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  1. Praying you got some more sleep last night momma. Nice to see you and the family yesterday! Hope your back gets a break! Peace to your day....and dont forget the sunscreen for your pool party...BLAAHHHHAAAA HAHAHA