Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weepy Moments

I finally got to see DJ in his rehearsal for the Nutcracker and they had their costumes on yesterday.  When I saw him and little cannon, I do believe I almost cried.  I totally got those weepy tears in my eyes and I couldn't help it.  He looked awesome...and so proud to be the Bunny Soldier.  He really is taking his role seriously and he loves it!!  Here's a pic:
He looks a bit bug-eyed in this one but cute:)  Here's another from farther away, while he was waiting in the wings:

Continuing with the weepy moments, I got tears in my eyes when we started singing On Eagles Wings in church today.  My all time favorite church song and for some reason it made me cry.  And than almost cried when they presented the local farmers with baskets of seeds the kids helped get donated.  Geesh...what it my problem, right??  I can't be getting all soft now, can I??

Here's a random pic of Kyra from today... she got this nice fitted jacket from a neighbor and she just had to wear it today:
Good hubby crap of the day: he made lunches for the kids tomorrow and finished my dishes b/c I had Franny girl...


  1. I even get weepy eyed when I see the kids in their outfits or get a picture of the kids or talk to Max on the phone.. It's just a never ending thing... Love u

  2. I reeaally like your captions, they've got a lot of good..Nice Blog..