Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Friday, November 18, 2011


This year for Thanksgiving I was going to by-pass all the trimmings of the standard meal.  Why, you might ask??  Well, I didn't really feel like cooking a big meal and going through all the trouble for just us. You see, we weren't planing on going anywhere or having anyone over, so why make this huge meal for just out family.  And someone did say to me "Well, aren't they (my family) worth it??"  YES...they are worth my efforts and time to cook them a meal of thanks.  But, you see, none of my children will eat the turkey and only 1 or 2 will eat the mashed potatoes and hubby and I will eat the stuffing...and depending on the veggies- you never know who will eat it.  So, I thought we would get our "free" lasagna and make that.  All of my children will eat that and will appreciate that meal far more than the traditional turkey (perhaps they have more of that Italian blood running through

But, alas, it turns out I will be cooking a traditional meal on our Thanksgiving this year.  My MIL will be joining us as will her sister.  And I know how much she loves this meal and all its trimmings.  And for her (and myself), I will indulge in the huge meal.  I love the turkey and mash and my stuffing and cranberry sauce and gravy and biscuits and apple pie, etc.  So, I will get my meal this year and so will MIL.  The difference this year is that I will not freak out about the absolute cleanliness of my house.  I will have a clean bathroom and that's all I can promise at this point.

I have lots of pies and cheesecakes to make for others but I will be making a lovely apple pie for us and whatever else I make that is 'leftover' from baking for others.  At this point, looks like we will have a pumpkin cheesecake and some rice pudding:)

Perhaps the movies will take place the day after Thanksgiving for the kids?  I will force hubby to take them.  He owes DJ a movie for his perfect attendance last year in school...yeah, we haven't done that yet... we're a little behind:(

On another note... had a great night tonight with my brother and his fiance and daughter.  We really need to keep it up and hang out more often.  It was great to have them over and just hand out.  Perhaps we should try and make it a Friday thing... maybe 'training' the kids so that we can enjoy a game night for the adults??  Speaking of Game Night...I have to start planning another one... I think everyone had a good time last year and another one would be good...

OK- enough for now... have a lot going on this weekend.  What else is new, right??  Last soccer game tomorrow, Nutcracker rehearsal and some xmas shopping.  Sunday, Kyra will be doing some Polish dancing in public for the first time.  Still trying to decide if I want to take pics or video.  Need a video tape it may just be pics...

I am thankful that I don't have any birthday parties to do this weekend... it just frees up my time:)

Have a great night!!


  1. I have that little flipcam if you would like to use it! I can burn it onto a disc for you when you are done. Then you have video as well

  2. You can't have game night without me...:)