Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to tell you have a 1 yr old...

Yes, it's true...1 year olds are complete home wreckers... And Franny Wrecka (as we call her) is in her prime wrecking years...  so, thought I'd put together some things I'm sure you have all experienced and may have a laugh at...

1. You turn away for a second and all the puzzles/books you just picked up are back all over the floor.  My Franny thinks it's funny to stand on the fireplace and chuck this stuff on the floor...

2. It seems to take forever to fold a basket of clothes and feels like it is never-ending.  Oh, wait, that's b/c your 1 yr old keeps unfolding them and throwing them on the floor and/or back into the basket

3. Walking out of the room creates a loud cry with lots of tears.  Yeah, she can't see you anymore...crap... separation anxiety has fully set in

4. Every household object becomes a step... yes, upside down pots included and bins are things to empty out throwing items wrecklessly everywhere so they can now climb in and sit

5. While in your pediatrician's office, you need to sit on the floor right in front of the cabinets so that she cannot open them and pull everything out (think these doctors need to child proof their cabinets and drawers)

6. Remote controls go missing only to turn up months later in the back of your tupperware closet... at least you hope it will turn up and she didn't decide to throw it in the garbage or eat it...

7. There is no such thing as sitting down and eating a full meal while it's still hot.  

8. You watch these shows with Moms who have quints and or 20 kids and curse them out b/c they are calm cool collected           The 3 Cs you've lost and may never again have!!  But, you continue to watch in the hopes they, too, will lose it and start yelling.

9. Strange things may end up in your toilet if you accidentally keep the door open...

10. You find random kitchen utensils strewn around your house.

11.  You've lost track of saying NO realizing that it doesn't work and yet you continue to say No constantly hoping they will learn what No really means... yeah, right!!

12. Staircases are gated...all of them... and sometimes they are gated in somewhere, anywhere, just so you can sit for a few

13. There is a constant line of crumbs surrounding the high-chair and on the high-chair tray and there may even be a stray piece of food in the diaper (yes...a whole piece of food that was meant to go into the mouth and missed??)

14. If you don't get out much, your conversation skills will deteriorate greatly... unless of course those around you also understand pointing and grunting and babbling


I'm sure there are a ton more but, you see, I do have a 1 yr old and my brain is a bit muddled these days.  Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. She is a very smart young lady and I think you finally got one just like you... Love you:)