Holiday pic

Holiday pic

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh, coffee, how do I love thee and what would I do without you??

Aside from the fact that my coffee machine is dying a slow and painful death, we are OUT OF COFFEE!!!  How in the world could I let that happen??  I know, hubby was home too many times in the morning and we used more but shouldn't I be more vigilant to know when we're getting low??  YES... I should've know to just buy the damn coffee when I went grocery shopping...I even thought about it and wondered if we needed it or if we could go another week.  Guess my calculations were dead wrong this time around huh??  And so, knowing that I wasn't going to have coffee, I dug out the espresso machine and all it's trimmings, so I could have some form of caffeine in the morning.  Yeah, it was good...even great!!  But there's something to knowing you still have some little black magic juice still waiting for you to take.  With the espresso, you actually have to dump the grinds every single time and wait for it to ooze it's double whammy yummyness out.  Sometimes, this extra duty is totally worth it (like today)... but what I really want is to just go pour a cup of coffee.  And so, I sit here and think if I want to make another double espresso drinky or am I too lazy to do it, you know??

Maybe this will give the ol' coffee machine a break and she can chug out the magic juice tomorrow??  She seems to not be handling all the brewing we've been doing lately and has been throwing up her grinds and leaking all over my countertops... hmmmm ... so, maybe this espresso thing is not as much work as the coffee thing these days??

OK- I think I'll go brew some more MAGIC!!

OK- good hubby thing of the day (haven't done this in awhile)- last night he didn't go sit in a tree so that I didn't have to take Max and Franny girl to gymnastics!!

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